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April 16, 2013 10:00 ET

Space Is a Bitch -- PivotDesk Helps Entrepreneurs Turn Office Scouting From Pain Point to Cakewalk

PivotDesk Launches Space Solution in New York and San Francisco

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2013) - Today, PivotDesk announced the official launch of their company and the immediate expansion of startup space salvation in New York, San Francisco and the greater Denver area. PivotDesk was founded to help entrepreneurs find room for growing their businesses by connecting them with host companies that have space to spare. The company was born out of the TechStars program and has raised over $3 million in Series A funding backed by Foundry Group.

The rise of the sharing economy is permeating the personal level and now expanding into the professional landscape, spurred by the desire of businesses to access secure, desirable, physical space without the binding rental commitment. Eliminating the pressure and panic of a long-term lease, PivotDesk helps startups get off the ground by uniting them with other businesses who have excess space, while providing all the tools that host companies need to easily manage the relationship over time. This melding of companies encourages an active participation in the entrepreneur ecosystem and helps startups find the right place for right now. Host companies get to avoid empty-desk syndrome and easily market, manage and monetize their office using PivotDesk's management platform, while guest startups avoid the traditional rigid lease in exchange for a more flexible option.

"PivotDesk provided the quintessential solution to our office space dilemma as an early-stage startup. We needed to find space quickly, not be tied down to a long-term lease, and find a location that suited our immediate needs," said Riley Ends, co-founder of Given Goods, an online marketplace that encourages social change. "PivotDesk alleviated the notorious pain points in the search process, paperwork, and monthly payment processing. We will definitely continue to use them as we grow."

In addition to providing space for new businesses, PivotDesk provides a solution for dynamic growth into new cities.

"When we were expanding to New York, we needed room for a few people, but the real estate process was like herding cats," said Ben Huh, founder and CEO, Cheezburger, Inc. "PivotDesk found us great space quickly and easily and gave us the flexibility we need to make longer term expansion plans."

PivotDesk has been operating under soft launch in both Denver and Boulder where it has helped approximately 100 companies, and currently lists over 200 active postings.

"The traditional real estate model is a static structure that just doesn't work for the early-stage dynamic growth businesses driving today's economy," said David Mandell, CEO and founder of PivotDesk. "Risking your future on a multi-year lease when you're still trying to get your product off the ground is a scary commitment. PivotDesk gives these companies a chance to get into a great space without a laundry list of daunting terms. Host companies that may be sitting on excess space also benefit by driving extra revenue and infusing their office with new energy."

In addition to launching in New York and San Francisco, PivotDesk is asking entrepreneurs in all cities to weigh in on where startups are struggling with space issues through their Spaced Out Cities initiative. The ongoing campaign gives a voice to entrepreneurs by allowing community members to determine which city PivotDesk should serve next.

"Certain areas are easy to pinpoint -- there is a general lack of available space for startups in all of the tech-heavy areas including NYC, Silicon Valley, Denver and Boulder," added Mandell. "We're looking for those hidden spots where startup communities are beginning to thrive, but could use some help gaining momentum. If things are moving in Kansas City, we want to help gather entrepreneurs and foster the community there. Our goal is to help growing businesses find room for right now -- whether it's in Seattle or Springfield. We're really looking forward to seeing where people want us to go next."

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PivotDesk helps entrepreneurs find room for growing their businesses by connecting them with companies that have excess space. PivotDesk allows both sides to focus on growing their businesses instead of the challenges of dealing with office space. By eliminating the pressure and panic of a long-term lease, PivotDesk helps startups find the right place for right now, and helps host companies avoid empty-desk syndrome and easily market, manage and monetize their excess space. With a focus on cultural compatibility, PivotDesk takes the stranger danger out of the shared office picture and helps to facilitate a cohesive, cultural match -- helping both sides build a great business. For more information, visit

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