SOURCE: Spanish Vines, Inc.

Spanish Vines, Inc.

July 19, 2011 07:00 ET

Spanish Vines, Inc. Goes to Consumers for Ratings

Campaign Is a First for Industry

COLUMBIA, SC--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2011) - Spanish Vines, Inc. announces the start of a nationwide media campaign targeting both existing and new customers. While Spanish Vines aims to forge new relationships with consumers, they continue to focus on their current clients and loyal customers by rolling out a three-part media campaign. From inception, they have been able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by telling CEO & Founder Josh Hackler's incredible story of turning a dream conceived while studying abroad in Spain into a successful and growing company that is making waves in the East Coast wine industry.

Hackler remains true to his word and company mantra, which is to slowly cultivate the ever-growing Spanish Vines family. Hackler says, "From day one, my intention has always been for our customers to have a different experience when interacting with our brand, whether it's drinking one of our wines or experiencing our online world." One way of accomplishing this is to reach out to current and future customers through an electronic newsletter called "Inside the Vine." Hackler says, "The only way for new wine brands to be successful today is for them to speak directly to the customer, so the message does not get lost in translation. I want to personally bring people behind the curtain of our business to make them feel connected to our brands. This will allow them to see the winemakers, watch our behind the scenes interactions and feel like they are part of our family. I also want to give our subscribers exclusive offers on new product launches, access to promotions, get them involved in contests and make them aware of many other exciting offerings soon to come."

Spanish Vines President and Sommelier Tim Gardner plans to jump on the social media train by blogging every Thursday afternoon about his expertise as a sommelier and devoted wine lover. Hackler says, "He clearly has a unique prospective, which extends far beyond your basic knowledge of wine." Those who interact with Gardner consider his vibrant personality infectious, which Spanish Vines feels confident will make for a successful and interactive blog.

As a way to get candid feedback from wine lovers, Spanish Vines is asking the people who try their wine to give their honest opinion of the product. Good or bad, they want to know. This concept is known as "Real People Real Ratings." Everyday wine drinkers are asked to taste different wines under the Spanish Vines name and offer up their opinion without any knowledge of price. This is an interactive experience captured on the company's Facebook page that is intended to result in candid feedback on the wines as customers are pushed to speak without a filter. Gardner says, "We make wine for people to enjoy with friends and family. Our customers' opinions are what matter the most." That reason alone is what sparked this three-pronged media campaign.

Spanish Vines, Inc. is a company that is intent on going back to the basics; appreciating its current customer base while slowly forging relationships through personal connectedness. Hackler says, "We understand that growth is key to our future, but building true bonds with our existing clients naturally lends itself to the type of organic growth that is sustainable. While it would be ideal, we can't have a conversation and a glass of wine with each and every customer, but we hope our media campaign will make our potential customers feel like we have done just that."

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