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Sparqlight Inc.

July 03, 2012 08:00 ET

Sparqlight Does Your Work for You With User-Defined Automations and Workflow Template Packs

Automations and Template Packs Make It Simple to Quickly Build Social Workflows for Sales, HR, IT, Marketing and PM Tasks

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 3, 2012) - Sparqlight ( today announced powerful enhancements for enterprise customers to automate and initiate any common and (previously) tedious business process. Enhanced Rules and Automation features do your work for you, while new Social Workflow Templates create a starting point for Sparqlight customers to implement and tailor workflows that automate, assign and prioritize common business tasks for specific job roles in Sales, HR, IT, Marketing and PM. This latest release gives Sparqlight customers an even more powerful social workflow solution that helps them rise above the noise and get more done.

"Simple, smart, automated workflow streamlines boring, repetitive tasks and enables happier and more productive workers," said Brian Reisgen, CEO and Founder of Sparqlight. "When your applications start to do the work for you, your employees can focus on the important stuff that drives your business. Additionally, by wrapping social around business processes, it's simple to measure your work, move beyond the noise and just get work done."

How it works:

  • Rules and Automations
    Sparqlight automations can be created to respond to events within Sparqlight, such as Goal or To-Do completions, priority or owner change, or due date requiring a specific action. Available actions now include: cross post to Yammer, fire an email, ping a Web site or fire a new Goal or To-Do automatically. For example, completing the To-Do "Customer Closed/Won" can automatically trigger the Workflow "Onboard New Customer" that would track, assign and prioritize tasks like "Create Invoice," "Create Support Account," "Assign Success Manager," etc.

  • Template Packs
    Pre-installed templates for the five most critical common functions in Sales and Sales Operations, HR, IT, Product Management and Marketing can be fired into a user's social workflow and edited to suit specific enterprise needs. Tasks and goals can then be assigned to individuals or to groups to be claimed by the appropriate user. Templates can also be chained together with Automations for even more productivity.

Sparqlight, the leading cloud based enterprise social workflow application, addresses the pain points that have limited the adoption and hampered the engagement levels of enterprise social networks -- especially the inability to measure the business impact and Return on Investment (ROI) of these technologies. It is imperative that organizations measure, analyze and constantly improve collaboration and teamwork. Making business processes and workflow the focus of the network and providing ease of measurement makes it simple to track ROI.

Rules and Automations and Template packs are available now in the Sparqlight platform.

About Sparqlight
Sparqlight, the world's leading cloud-based enterprise social workflow application, is a smart, simple and better way to measure, improve and get more done.

Sophisticated workflow is no longer the domain of the Fortune 500 or hampered by the twin legacy constraints of complexity and cost. Anyone can deploy social workflow not only to the work of a few team members, but it can include every person and every system in your organization. That's powerful, that's revolutionary, and that's getting work done. #GWD

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