Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux

August 04, 2011 05:55 ET

Special Rates for New Morgan 3 Wheeler

CHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 4, 2011) - The new Morgan 3 Wheeler harks back to the marque's historic and illustrious past.

And, although the first of hundreds of eager buyers on the waiting list have yet to take delivery, it's already deemed a classic car by specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux.

Premiums for any ordinary brand new car costing £30,000 and reaching 60mph in a rapid 4.5 seconds would often cause a sharp intake of breath.

But because of the Morgan's status as a modern classic, it benefits from the kind of rates normally reserved for cars more than 20 years old.

Flux's Dan Clarke said the new Morgan, which goes right back to the British icon's roots when it produced three-wheelers from 1909 and 1953, fits the bill for classic car insurance.

"We know that owners of these cars will cherish them in exactly the same way that people look after vehicles that are 30 or 40 years old," he added.

"And because the Morgan has no roof, or hood, it's highly impractical for use as an everyday car, so they are likely to be driven as second cars and only need a limited mileage policy.

"These days, classic cars come in all ages, as well as shapes and sizes."

A typical premium for a 50-year-old, driving 3,000 miles a year, would be about £275, depending on where they live.

The eccentric British car - officially classed as a trike - stole the show when it was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March, eclipsing the modern hybrids and supercars.

It is powered by the 1800cc engine from a Harley Davidson and, despite its swift acceleration and top speed of 115mph, it can manage a frugal 50mpg.


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