November 29, 2012 09:00 ET

Specialized Online Ukulele Retailer Now Offering Great Promotions to Buyers

UkuleleMate, a specialized online store that sells ukuleles from all over the world to Australians, is now offering great promotions. A free tuner, a free songbook, and a free thirty-minute lesson come with the purchase of any ukulele. UkuleleMate offers an enviable range of ukuleles as well as ukulele accessories.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2012) - UkuleleMate, an Australian retailer that specializes in the sale of ukuleles, is now offering a great promotion to all buyers. A tuner, songbook and thirty-minute ukulele lesson are all included for free with the purchase of any ukulele.

The free ukulele tuner that is part of UkuleleMate's promotion is the ENO ET-33 tuner. This is a clip-on tuner, which is both easy to use and one of the most popular tuners among ukulele players. For just $9.95, buyers can upgrade to the ET-3100U tuner. While this is considered a more prestigious tuner because of its better tuning range and LCD screen, the free ET-33 is more than good enough for the majority of ukulele players.

The free ukulele songbook that comes with the purchase of any ukulele contains 50 of the most requested ukulele songs of all time. Songs from The Beatles and Neil Young are included, as are recent top hits by artists like Adele, Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift. The book is in PDF format so it is easy to use.

The free thirty-minute ukulele lesson is the third free add-on with the purchase of any ukulele from UkuleleMate. All lessons are conducted over Skype, so lessons can be arranged the player's convenience. All that is required is Skype, the free software, a webcam and a microphone. Michael, who is based in North Carolina, USA, teaches the one-on-one lesson. He has been playing the ukulele for over nine years and has been teaching lessons over Skype for more than one year. Additional lessons with Michael can be purchased.

A great feature of the website is the online ukulele Buyer's Guide. This outlines the different sizes of ukulele, from the soprano ukulele all the way to the baritone ukulele. The basic anatomy of a ukulele is also highlighted; the strings are each labeled to make learning to play easier. The different shapes are explained, and the price-range of ukuleles is also made clear for new buyers.

UkuleleMate has an enviable range of ukuleles. Soprano, concert, tenor, lanikai, electric and pineapple ukuleles are all available for purchase. Kids ukuleles that won't harm anyone's budget are also available from UkuleleMate. Padded bags to protect the ukulele can be bought from the online retailer, and gift vouchers ranging from $25 to $500 can be bought for ukulele lovers.


UkuleleMate is an online retailer based out of Sydney, Australia that is dedicated to providing Australians with the best ukuleles from around the world. As a business, UkuleleMate understands that most ukulele players begin as guitar players, and knows that having a quality instrument is important for all musicians. The team at UkuleleMate also realizes that fast shipping is a sign of great customer service. For more information or to purchase a ukulele, visit

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