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February 01, 2016 08:00 ET

Spectrem Millionaire Investor Confidence Index Plummets to Lowest Level in More Than Three Years

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Feb 1, 2016) - A Spectrem Group survey of Affluent Investors registered a dramatic decline in confidence in January, driven by the stock market slide since the beginning of the year. The Spectrem Millionaire Investor Confidence Index (SMICI®) was down 14 points to -3, a 38-month low. The Spectrem Affluent Investor Confidence Index (SAICI®) dropped 8 points to -4, a 27-month low.

The indices, compiled by Spectrem Group, a market research and consulting firm specializing in the affluent and retirement markets, measure the investment confidence and outlook of the 16MM households in America with more than $500,000 of investable assets (SAICI), and those with $1MM or more (SMICI).

This is the first time since December 2012 -- when concern about the U.S. going over the "fiscal cliff" was at its peak -- that each index has posted a negative reading.

This month's survey was fielded between Jan. 15-21 amidst a backdrop of concerns about China's economy, falling oil prices, escalating tensions in the Middle East and claims by North Korea that it had tested a hydrogen bomb.

"Global markets are continuing to experience high volatility tied to poor macroeconomic conditions and rising geopolitical uncertainty," George H. Walper, Jr., president of Spectrem Group, observed. "Affluent investors tell us that stock market conditions are the factor most affecting their current investment plans, followed by retirement needs and the overall economic environment."

Charts, deeper analysis of the Index and methodology are available upon request. Additional insights include:

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Index range: -31 to -51, Bearish; -11 to -30, Mildly Bearish; 10 to -10, Neutral; 11 to 30, Mildly Bullish; 31 to 51, Bullish.

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