SOURCE: Spectrum Gaming Group

Spectrum Gaming Group

September 23, 2015 08:00 ET

Spectrum Gaming Group Announces Spectrum Strategic Services for GOVERNMENT

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2015) - Spectrum Gaming Group and the Porter Group have developed a strategic partnership designed to help state and regional governments meet the challenges of regulating gaming in coming decades.

Spectrum Strategic for Government brings Spectrum's decades of experience serving governments around the world together with the experience and insight of the Porter Group, a Washington-based government affairs firm headed by the Hon. Jon Porter, a former Member of the US House of Representatives from Nevada. Prior to his time in Congress, Congressman Porter was a City Council Member and Mayor, then later a Nevada State Senator. Serving at the local, state, and federal levels of elected government, and working closely with many regulatory agencies in all of these roles, Congressman Porter truly understands how governments and regulatory structures and systems function.

The Porter Group's office in Washington, D.C. will serve as the headquarters for this new service.

Spectrum Strategic for Government will work with state legislatures, regulatory agencies as well as their respective gaming industries to refashion their regulatory structures to address a host of challenges, ranging from changes in technology to a shifting competitive landscape.

"Tax rates and regulatory structures that were put in place on Day 1 -- which could have been decades ago -- cannot be expected to serve the interests of states in 2016 and beyond," said Spectrum Managing Director Michael Pollock, who has been analyzing gaming trends for more than a quarter-century. "We are working with the Porter Group and our entire team of specialists in every discipline to suggest new strategies that can invigorate their industries to advance public policy, while maintaining public confidence in the integrity of gaming."

Spectrum has recently worked with clients to advise governments in states ranging from Ohio and New York to Illinois and Indiana, and Spectrum principals have testified before more than a dozen state and federal legislative committees. Spectrum's client list includes governments from Singapore to Puerto Rico, as well as lotteries, legislatures and regulatory agencies across North America.

Many of its studies are in the public domain, and can be accessed here:

"Governments and businesses can no longer do business as usual. From gaming to other economic strategies, they need to be prepared for the complexities of a dynamic environment. We can identify the land mines as well as the opportunities, and help build and transform regulatory and business models to meet a constantly changing landscape," said Jon Porter, who routinely works on gaming and lottery issues at the state and federal levels.

Along with its Spectrum Asia, Spectrum-i and Spectrum Gaming Capital affiliates, Spectrum has offices in Tokyo, Bangkok, New York, Guangzhou, and Atlantic City.

The Porter Group's main goal is to improve interactions between the public and private sectors by "Bridging the Gap" that too often exists between the two. As we move into this new, borderless economy, their well-documented history of providing the best strategic advice to a diversified client base will serve Spectrum Strategic for Government well.