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February 25, 2014 08:30 ET

Speedemissions, Inc. CEO Featured in Exclusive QualityStocks Interview

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2014) - QualityStocks today announces that a new audio interview with Speedemissions, Inc. (OTCQB: SPMI) president and CEO Rich Parlontieri is now available. The interview can be heard at

Speedemissions operates 43 vehicle emissions testing and safety inspection stations under the trade names of Speedemissions and Auto Emissions Express; Mr. Sticker; and Just Emissions. As one of the largest test-only emissions testing and safety inspection companies in the United States, Speedemissions is well positioned in a $2.5 billion market where 87 million vehicles are tested annually on emissions quality. The company's proprietary technology application, "CARbonga," diagnoses an automobile's computer system using the on-board diagnostic port on vehicles that were produced since 1996.

Parlontieri starts the QualityStocks interview by detailing Speedemissions' business market and evolving business model.

"We're in an industry that's mandated in 32 states under the Clean Air Act that had been revised from 1970, and we're a business that prides itself on speed and convenience of getting the customer's car done quickly, efficiently and effectively so they can get to the tag office and renew their license plates. But our model is changing... because the industry is changing. And we have worked on changing the business model, not deserting the core business of course. When you have 43 stores you're generating about 250,000 emission customers in those four states, obviously it's a very solid and very proficient business with a long history...," says Parlontieri.

Speedemissions was founded 14 years ago and has grown under the leadership of Parlontieri and several other key members of executive and general management with a wide range of relevant experience, as explained by Parlontieri.

Also discussed is the company's expansion into the automotive technology market with the development of mobile apps, namely the CARbonga diagnostic tool.

"It's something that we think can really provide for us a tremendous upside, long-term opportunity," Parlontieri says in describing how and why the technology was created and its value to consumers and the broader automotive technology.

Looking ahead, Speedemissions has laid the foundation for franchise expansion and innovation in 2014, leveraging successes of the previous year. 

"First of all we're going to continue to stay with the core business and look for opportunities to expand that, that piece of the business model ... late last year -- or mid-year -- we signed an agreement to go into a new market that we're working on that we have the potential to open 24 emission only testing stores in a brand new market for us that we're very, very excited about that has a lot of upside potential and would allow us to expand into not just one state but probably two or three other states on top of that ...," Parlontieri says.

The interview also provides insight into the company's recent rebranding for its repair facilities and emissions stores, Espresso Car Care Café and Espresso Emissions.

About Speedemissions, Inc.

Speedemissions, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a national brand offering customers quick and efficient emission testing and/or safety inspection as required by law. The Company is in the Atlanta, Ga., Houston, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, and St. Louis, Mo., markets. The Company has expanded its business model through its newly introduced SpeedEmissions Car Care Stores and SpeedEmissions Car Care franchise unit. Speedemissions hopes to be among the first companies to offer its customers quick and efficient vehicle emissions testing and repair services.

Speedemissions, Inc. owns and developed the CARbonga line of apps for smart phone users. CARbonga is the first app which allows the average person to detect automotive car problems for their own vehicle or when buying a used vehicle. The CarBonga-SRI app provides a quick and easy way for consumers to stay on top of the safety of their vehicle by providing the most current safety-related recalls and service bulletins for their vehicles.

For more information on Speedemissions, Inc. visit: 

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