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October 08, 2012 13:40 ET

SpiderOak Set to Announce Industry-First for the Cloud: 'Zero-Knowledge' Collaboration

Box CEO Aaron Levie Announces Collaboration Platform -- Forcing Enterprises to Face a Key Question: How Can the Cloud Be Safe When 3rd Party Providers Have Access to Plaintext Data?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) -  An inherent lack of privacy has emerged as a key issue for large enterprises and SMBs that rely on 3rd party cloud providers. While Box CEO Aaron Levie is set to announce a new collaboration platform, SpiderOak asks that companies consider a critical question: is your data really safe when cloud providers have plaintext access to all documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations stored on their servers?

While Box announced its solution today, later this year SpiderOak will announce an industry first 'Zero-Knowledge' collaboration tool -- allowing enterprises to use cloud technologies without the risk of exposing data outside of the organization. This is an extension of SpiderOak's 'Zero-Knowledge' Privacy Environment whereby no one -- including SpiderOak employees -- ever has plaintext access to customer data.

Nowhere is the tension between the convenience of the cloud and end-user ignorance more apparent than this year's conference hosted by Box -- BoxWorks -- and its theme, "Business Without Boundaries." Like all other cloud providers, Box advertises security and asks for trust while remaining fundamentally at risk from the more critical issue -- privacy. Box and other cloud providers require access to this data in order to perform their basic functions and service. As such, anyone with the proper access controls (or those who illegally obtain them) can view enterprise data at any time.

"Cloud technology companies, including Box, demand and expect enterprises to inherently trust them with their most valuable possession -- their data. However and as we have seen time and time again, this proposition is fraught with risks in security and data privacy from both internal and external threats. Ultimately business does in fact need boundaries," said Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak. "SpiderOak is built around 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy. As such, trust no longer sits at the center of our sales pitch because we are never in a position where we can betray the trust of our customers. Why? Simple. We don't have access to the plaintext data."

SpiderOak: Built for Privacy

SpiderOak's centralized and fully protected solution enables enterprises to take full control of the cloud in a managed environment while not relinquishing privacy to a 3rd party provider. In contrast, and other cloud companies are forced to advertise and push security as they cannot make the same 100% privacy guarantee. 

"Today's enterprise environment demands a higher standard of privacy in the cloud," said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. "Sensitive data is often distributed around the world, with employees collaborating and sharing information on a host of disparate, mobile and intelligent devices. A majority of enterprises in today's business environment don't retain full control of their data in the cloud nor do they have the option of fully controlling and managing it, either on-site or off-site. SpiderOak is designed with complete privacy in mind, representing a much-needed advance in the world of enterprise cloud environments."

The SpiderOak Blue line of enterprise products empowers companies to maintain the industry's most confidential cloud environments. It is impossible for anyone outside of company's IT departments to see data, unless those IT departments have shared it. Available in on-premise and SpiderOak hosted solutions, SpiderOak Blue enables companies to comply with the most stringent privacy, info-security and auditing requirements in a fully confidential cloud technology environment.

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SpiderOak provides a cloud backup, sync, and sharing environment that is 100% private. Our 'Zero-Knowledge' Privacy Standard ensures absolute confidentiality between you and your data, everywhere, every time and from every device. With SpiderOak, you maintain full and complete control of your data in a centralized, managed and fully protected environment. SpiderOak: we've got your back(up).

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