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April 02, 2014 09:00 ET

Spil Games Debuts Ground-Breaking Digital Video Ad Solution

Providing advertisers with the perfect platform to target audiences online at scale through video

HILVERSUM, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwired - April 2, 2014) - A new ad solution will help brands unlock the potential of the online world with their video ads for the first time. Spil Games, the global online gaming publisher of sites such as GirlsgoGames.com, agame.com and gamesgames.com has announced the launch of a new and personalized approach to how video ads are presented to players while playing online games. The new solution taps into Spil Games' highly engaged audience of close to 200 million monthly active users and will help advertisers reach a broad, targeted, and engaged audience with their video ads.

The video ad solution offers:

• An engaged audience

The solution takes advantage of "cliff-hanger" moments within games to run video ads. Instead of positioning these ads at set intervals within the games, Spil Games' system ensures that ads catch players at their most engaged moments. This trigger is based on a complex algorithm that takes into account the amount of time players have been active and the level of their success within the game. This ensures players are in a happy and excited state and are therefore less likely to switch off from either the ad or the game.

Brands that have participated in a pilot programme are already enjoying high engagment with ads served at "cliff-hanger" moments delivering view-through rates of 90%.

• Long-form content

For digital video ads to be effective they need to be run against long-form content - mirroring the way TV works. People spend an average of 40 minutes per session playing games across Spil Games' network of platforms, which is more than double the time they spend engaging with other online content, such as YouTube videos and news sites.

• A mass consumer base

Spil Games offers a global audience of close to 200 million monthly active users as part of the solution. To put this into context, that's more than double the size of the TV audience that watched this year's Super Bowl.

• Effective targeting

With a series of websites targeting specific demographics, Spil Games is able to accurately pinpoint individual consumer segments.

• No need to adapt existing ad formats

The video ad solution does not require advertisers to change their advertising formats, and can be easily integrated into existing online campaigns, either through a programmatic buying network or direct via Spil Games (advertising@spilgames.com). This allows brands to simply and effectively reach their target audience at scale.

Erik Goossens, CEO of Spil Games, said: "We've seen a 500% increase in the amount of video-based ad spend coming to our platforms over the past 12 months. Despite this huge shift in budgets, brands are still struggling with where to run their digital video ad content in order to achieve the best engagement with their audience. Social sites like YouTube and traditional news sites don't offer the dwell time of TV, which means video advertising is not as effective at engaging the viewers on these platforms. When people spend 5 minutes on a news site, or even 15 minutes on YouTube, they don't want to sit through a 30-second video ad. This new offering finally gives brands a solution to this problem."

Reed Berglund, CEO of FullBottle, added: "The benefits Spil Games' solution offers to brands should be clear to every person in advertising. What might not be apparent is just how easy it is to leverage this new solution. There's no need to invest in new or complex ad formats; it simply works with your existing assets. With its reach, dwell time, and engagement, for us, online gaming is the new TV."

For more information on how advertisers can use this solution please contact advertising@spilgames.com. For more information on the benefits online gaming can bring to advertisers download the Spil Games 2013 State of Online Gaming Report.

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