SOURCE: Dr. Lee's Spine Center

February 12, 2012 10:00 ET

Spine Center Helps Queens Car Accident Injury Patients Heal

QUEENS, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2012) - Dr. Lee's Spine Center announced that the practice offers treatment for car accident injury patients. Chiropractic care and massage therapy can help patients naturally manage neck and back pain, while also helping the body heal itself following a soft tissue injury. According to Dr. James Lee, many individuals do not receive adequate treatment following a car accident, leading to a lifetime of back and neck pain. Dr. Lee is encouraging all accident victims to seek care from a chiropractor as soon as possible following the injury.

Queens car accident injury patients have a new treatment option for natural pain management. Queens chiropractor Dr. James Lee announced that his spine center has had great success helping patients heal following a car accident.

"Even at slow speeds, car accident victims can sustain significant damage to the musculoskeletal system," said Dr. Lee. "Injuries like whiplash can lead to long-term neck and back pain, headaches and migraines. Our spine center is dedicated to helping patients naturally manage this pain without the need for prescription painkillers or risky surgery."

According to Dr. Lee, symptoms of whiplash and car accident injuries include headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, difficulty concentrating, and vision problems. For some patients, it may be weeks or even months before these symptoms become obvious.

"If you have recently been a victim of a car accident, we urge you to receive a full chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible," said Dr. Lee. "Soft tissue injuries are often overlooked in the emergency room -- and patients are sent home with a neck brace and painkillers, neither of which will correct the underlying injury. The earlier a chiropractor can diagnose your injuries, the more that can be done to help the body heal."

Dr. Lee uses chiropractic adjustments to restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system, which helps correct the underlying cause of back and neck pain. For example, according to Dr. Lee, if a herniated disc compresses the nearby nerves, the body will continue to experience pain as long as the nerves are compressed. Chiropractic adjustments restore the disc to its properly alignment, relieving pressure on the nerves and providing long-lasting pain relief.

"Many patients who suffer from chronic pain are frustrated with traditional treatment options," said Dr. Lee. "This frustration is completely natural because immobilizing the cervical spine following a car accident or covering pain up with medication will never correct the underlying problem. Every year, I see the difference that chiropractic care can make for hundreds of my patients. It's truly a life-changing treatment."

Dr. Lee also offers complementary treatments, including soft tissue muscular therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and corrective exercises. According to Dr. Lee, these treatments can enhance the benefits of spinal adjustments.

Individuals who wish to learn more about Dr. Lee's treatments may visit his practice's website, Prospective patients who visit the website can take advantage of the online-only "New Patient Special" and also use the online appointment form to schedule an appointment.

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