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August 06, 2012 09:22 ET

SpinFuel Magazine Brings Facts About Electronic Cigarette Smoking

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 6, 2012) - SpinFuel eCigs Magazine's goal is to provide readers with "honest, in-depth reviews," as well as unbiased opinions of products in the electronic cigarette industry. By taking a neutral stance on each product, the narratives of experiences with various brands are written by seasoned writers with extensive resumes in technology and editorial reviews. The brainchild of John Manzione, SpinFuel is making a name for itself by pulling no punches and keeping brands honest.

Electronic cigarettes are gaining steam in society (pun intended), and SpinFuel is there to cover the industry's every nook, cranny, and cartridge. For people in the know about electronic cigarette smoking (also called "vaping") the site is building the most elaborate collection of content found on the Internet today. Taking the stance that eCigarette smoking is safer and "more enjoyable" than getting nicotine from traditional tobacco cigarettes, the site not only reviews brands -- but exposes frauds.

"There can be no doubt that eCigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. With more than 43 million smokers in the United States, SpinFuel's mission to inform the public on the various brands available, and to encourage the switch from the dangers of tobacco to the safer, cheaper, and more enjoyable eCigarette. With the availability of great tasting electronic cigarettes, no one needs to continue to smoking tobacco," says John Manzione, Editor of SpinFuel eCigs Magazine.

Predicting the industry will catapult into a multi-billion dollar industry, SpinFuel is rolling the dice and establishing its brand as the top content and review portal on the Internet. Manzione has trademarked the statement "The Art of Vaping," and when you visit the website, you'll truly uncover the art of his photography background in full effect. The site isn't the average WordPress blogging template with fabricated reviews -- it's quite the opposite. SpinFuel prides itself in creating separation through detail and the layout suggests that many man hours have been put into creating the extensive portal.

"There are literally hundreds of so-called 'review' sites out on the Internet for eCigarettes, most are simply sites that are gateways to various brands they 'review' in order to earn a commission on each sale. Where are the honest reviews when your sole intention is to create a sale through your website?" asks Julia Barnes, Asst. Editor. "We do not cater to eCig brands in order to create a sale, we want the reader to come away with real facts and real opinions on the many dozens of brands available. We work for those that use eCigarettes, not the eCigarette company. That separates us from the crowd."

Readership at SpinFuel has more than doubled each month since SpinFuel began publishing (March 1, 2012) and there appears to be no end in sight.

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