SOURCE: Spiral Energy Tech, Inc.

November 30, 2015 14:41 ET

Spiral Energy Tech Inc.: Autonomous Recharging Network for Air-Robots

Air-Robot -- EDEN

LONG ISLAND, NY--(Marketwired - November 30, 2015) - (OTC PINK: SGTY) Spiral Energy Tech Inc. or SETI is proud to announce the filing of their latest technology.

U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application for "Multirotor recharging station and method of networking"

The technology developed for unmanned Drones or Air-Robots is called EDEN, Energy on Demand Network which was developed for fully autonomous flights and in-path recharging stations or SkyPorts. The technology allows for the user to set a flight path of indeterminate miles and launch with no further interference necessary from the user.

This is all accomplished through the use of developed proprietary technology designed and built by SETI.

The technology allows for accommodating drones to fly 10-14 miles distance, 30-40 minutes of airtime with a recharge time of 30-60 minutes all utilizing SETI proprietary software & hardware technology.

This system allows the full automation of a flight by entering data on a computer and transferring it to a SETI Air-Robot or a retro-fitted drone.

The logic takes the coordinates of the trip, or end location, such as altitude and speed required and with pre-set SkyPort locations the drone is set for a round trip of indeterminate miles. On board are several computers and guidance systems including but not limited to, LIDAR SONAR & RADAR that allows algorithms to maintain hyper-accurate flight and avoidance paths while guaranteeing hyper accurate landing procedures of plus or minus 4-6 inches, "landing on a 6" dime, every time."

The guidance and landing system are all proprietary using several technologies and disciplines in conjunction with algorithms and programs developed specifically by SETI. The drone enters the SkyPort landing pad air-space and coordinates a landing on top of charging contacts. The SkyPort determines the balance of the batteries, ensures that it is a drone and begins the recharging process after which the drone returns to its flight path.

With the end of R&D coming, numerous uses and applications are resulting from this leap forward in Air-Robot technology.

Our systems are for international use and not limited to hemisphere or satellite locations.

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