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December 13, 2011 10:00 ET

Spokane Chiropractor Offers Detox and Nutrition Class to Help People Lose Weight

SPOKANE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - Dr. Loren C. Miller, a Spokane chiropractor who has been working in the area for several years, offers a detox and nutrition class to help patients manage their diet for weight loss and overall health purposes. The diet detox class comes in two phases. According to Dr. Miller, the first phase focuses on ridding the body of toxins and speeding up weight loss, while the second phase involves building healthy lifestyles that will keep the weight off. One very successful approach for many people is our Take Shape for Life program which makes it simple to use lose weight. Dr. Miller, chiropractor and health coach, along with his team explains smart nutrition and various nutritional approaches. Please visit Dr. Miller's website for nutrition information.

Dr. Miller explains that several people who have enrolled in the classes at his Spokane chiropractic clinic have tried other weight loss plans, but with mixed or unsatisfying results.

"The problem with many popular diets is that they do not take into account that everybody has a different physiological makeup. A successful weight management and nutrition plan actually needs to be tailored to the person's needs and condition in order to get the desired results. And by desired results, I don't just mean diet for weight loss; I mean diet for long-term health and energy," said Dr. Miller.

Several of Dr. Miller's patients reported that aside from being overweight, they had other symptoms that were alleviated by going through the detox class. The symptoms ranged from fatigue and brain fog (difficulty concentrating) to difficulty sleeping, irritability and a suppressed immune system. Chiropractor Dr. Miller says that these symptoms are frequently a sign of toxins overloading the body's systems, which he says prevent it from working properly. He cites several studies that show how toxins from over-processed foods, medications, cosmetics and environmental factors can inhibit the body's ability to burn fat normally, deal with stress and fend off disease and infection.

Each of the participants in Dr. Miller's nutritional detox class go through an extensive examination and tests so that he can determine the individual dietary needs of each student. He then helps patients craft a nutritional plan designed to remove toxins from their bodies and bolster them with the nutrients they need. Dr. Miller and his staff run the classes and provide individual counseling, evaluation and support through the course.

Dr. Miller explains that what he wants his patients to take better health in general away from his class. "Those who diet for weight loss sometimes miss the point. Simply losing weight does not always make you healthier. Skipping meals and starving your body of essential nutrients it needs to function properly can cause more harm than good. The goal for our students and patients is to help them detoxify their diets and get rid of the things in their diets and environments that are dulling their senses, making them ill and keeping them from losing the weight they want to lose."

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