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August 11, 2009 06:00 ET

SPONIX Skin Care Looks to Be America's Choice in Nail and Feet Wellness

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - Experts agree that an estimated 30 to 35 million Americans have ochyomitosis, or nail fungus, and a recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association showed that nearly 40 percent of Americans reel from heel pain. It's time we get to the bottom of these feet problems.

"Ochyomitosis and painful feet are probably the most common problems in podiatry," said Jack Amin, President and CEO of AmexDrug Corp. (OTCBB: AXRX), parent company to BioRx Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary that manufactures the SPONIX and BACTIVEX skin care product line. "With many options out there, I want Americans to know that our all-natural SPONIX foot care products are the economical way to treat their feet."

SPONIX Nail Gel is a natural, non-toxic, water-free formulation that encourages healing by removing keratin build-up from under the nail bed, effectively restoring strength to the nail. It helps protect the new keratin cells that emerge from below the cuticle skin and helps resolve the discomfort associated with unsightly nails.

SPONIX Foot Spray is podiatrist and dermatologist recommended. Its special formula works by delivering a high concentration of deep penetrating natural ingredients that have long been renowned and used by Naturalists and Herbalists for their antiseptic, anti-fungal, germicidal and anti-microbial properties.

"Topical treatments have big advantages over procedures like the PinPointe FootLaser treatment, cleared by the FDA last year, which can cost up to a thousand dollars," said Amin. "The availability of over-the-counter products, like our SPONIX and BACTIVEX line, has a very low risk of serious side effects, are water- and alcohol-free, diabetic friendly and inexpensive."

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