February 19, 2014 09:00 ET

SponsorPay Expands Video Mediation Platform to Android, Launching With Key Developers Pixelberry, Ninja Kiwi and Cie Games

Following rapid adoption of its iOS rewarded video mediation platform, SponsorPay launches Android counterpart to enable feature parity and ease of integration through unified SDK

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - Feb. 19, 2014) - SponsorPay, a leading mobile supply-side platform, today announced the launch of Android support for its mediation platform to further empower developers with cross-platform feature parity. Now, developers can seamlessly integrate, manage and optimize video ads from leading ad networks across Android and iOS for better fill rates and higher eCPMs.

In 2014, mobile advertising spend is expected to reach $18 billion globally, according to Gartner. Video has been identified as the fastest growing ad format and the IAB estimates that in the next five years, mobile video ads will grow at a compound rate of more than 70 percent. In parallel, Android is gaining significant ground in the race for platform dominance, capturing more than 79 percent of the smartphone market in 2013. Empowering developers with innovative and simple tools to capitalize on this momentum, SponsorPay will partner with developers such as Pixelberry, Ninja Kiwi, Cie Games, LOVOO and Xyrality at the launch of its Android rewarded video mediation platform.

"We didn't hesitate when considering whether to integrate SponsorPay's rewarded video mediation for Android," said Oliver Miao, CEO of Pixelberry. "We were an early adopter of SponsorPay's rewarded video format on iOS and found that its built-in mediation layer helped us seamlessly manage our monetization strategy. The availability on Android is significant in that we can now offer a unified user experience across platforms."

Developers must balance opportunity costs at each stage of the ad monetization lifecycle - integration, management, optimization and reporting. SponsorPay's Ad Monetization Platform empowers developers through easy drag-and-drop ad network adapters, yield optimization features and the ability to view results on a consolidated and transparent revenue reporting system. This feature set is increasingly crucial for video as the medium catapults to the fastest growing ad format in 2014.

Ninja Kiwi, which has used SponsorPay's iOS rewarded video mediation since October 2013, will be among the first developers to launch with Android support. "Our biggest advertising challenge was immediately alleviated after integrating rewarded video mediation on iOS," said Scott Walker, Head of Production at Ninja Kiwi. "The growth in fill-rate and revenue was substantial, up 25 percent overnight. The added benefit is that more players received the rewards they wanted, which makes them more likely to engage with future ads and rewards. SponsorPay provides us with end-to-end solutions on iOS, web, and Android, and we look forward to similar immediate wins with Android video mediation."

Optimization, another significant challenge for developers monetizing apps, is a key element of SponsorPay's solution. To ensure adequate fill, developers must integrate multiple ad networks, but optimizing these ad sources expends valuable resources. SponsorPay recently launched its predictive algorithm to mitigate this time and resource expenditure. This proprietary algorithm automatically predicts eCPMs across all ads in all networks and selects the right ad to be delivered for each request, resulting in increased revenue for the developer.

"We see ad-based monetization as a key complement to in-app purchases," said Austin Yuen, Product Manager at Cie Games. "SponsorPay's supply-side platform allows us to automatically optimize based on eCPMs from multiple ad networks. This not only increases revenue across our different ad sources, but also makes our lives easier."

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