November 14, 2007 05:30 ET

Spoonbending For Peace: DailyOM and James Twyman Release "Spoonbenders Course 2008"

ASHLAND, OR--(Marketwire - November 14, 2007) - Since Uri Geller first attained international prominence in the 1970's, millions of people have been fascinated with the idea of bending metal with the mind. James Twyman is no exception. The trailblazing author, musician, and film director taught himself how to bend spoons through a unique process of telekinesis. In an effort to share this technique, Twyman made Internet history five years ago when 60,000 people enrolled in the first Spoonbenders Course.

Today, Twyman and award-winning inspirational website, DailyOM, have teamed up to release an updated version of the popular program: Spoonbenders Course 2008. Students can now learn the step-by-step method of spoonbending with the help of text, audio, photo and video instruction. As part of this process, students will discover specific energy centers of the body that can help them perform "miraculous" feats -- an ability that can then be applied to healing the world. As Twyman explains, "Once we learn to bend a spoon with our mind, what it really shows us is that we have the power to do something much more important, which is to bend the world towards peace."

Spoonbenders Course 2008 joins a growing list of on-line courses available through DailyOM. The company's CEO, Scott Blum and Editor-in-Chief, Madisyn Taylor are enthusiastic about the Internet's ability to bring expert knowledge and spiritual guidance to the public at large. Blum welcomes the collaboration with Twyman as "an opportunity for our community of 800,000 subscribers to access vital tools for self-empowerment." Taylor says, "DailyOM's primary goal is to help people improve their lives by raising consciousness and clarifying intention. This is essentially the same wisdom James Twyman promotes through the spoonbending process."


--  Detailed instructions, including all-new photos and video, for bending
    spoons with your mind.
--  A series of exercises for opening up the energy centers involved in
--  Information about an ancient technology of prayer that can change your
    life and the world.
--  4 new audio lessons in which James explains how to apply the
    spoonbending technology to manifest anything your heart desires.
--  A new guided meditation that helps bring the power of miracles into
    your daily life.

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