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October 13, 2014 09:30 ET

SporTran Uses RouteMatch ITS Technologies, Tablets and Notification Module to Improve Operations, Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

SHREVEPORT, LA and ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2014) -  The Shreveport Transit Management, Inc., commonly known as "SporTran," has experienced profound growth, operational improvements, reduced costs, and overall increased productivity since adopting RouteMatch Software's solution for demand response, tablets and mobile data technology.

SporTran has measured key improvements including a 26% increase in on-time performance; a 200% increase in revenue, and an overall increase in trip capacity from just over 37, 000 trips in 2011 to over 55,000 trips in 2013.

First opened in 1870 by the City of Shreveport, SportTran began with mule-drawn street cars in the downtown area. SporTran now operates 16 paratransit vehicles, and services approximately 55,000 riders. As of 2014, this small urban transit system has fully embraced and evolved into a "Next Generation Transit System" by using the latest intelligent transit technology to better serve their community.

Moving from Manual Processes to Automated Scheduling and Improving Driver Communications

Prior to adopting RouteMatch's Demand Response solution, SporTran used a software program that required rides to be scheduled manually without the aid of a map interface. Individual riders were scheduled by block and pick-up time from destination to destination -- and lacking an automated way to contact riders directly, the times were rarely able to be modified. Drivers used a paper manifest and manually entered mileage and pick-up and drop-off times, which they were also required to call in to dispatch throughout the day. All related trip data was collected manually and entered into the scheduling software system from the previous day's manifest for each van, a process that was very time-consuming.

In addition to these issues, SporTran decided to bring its paratransit service in-house, after more than a decade of being managed by a subcontractor. "We realized the need to make some major changes in our scheduling process, so our team worked diligently to obtain a new system that would help us increase paratransit capacity and effectiveness, without significantly increasing costs," explains Dinero Washington, SporTran's General Manager. "After considering five different scheduling systems, we selected RouteMatch."

In the span of a few short months, SporTran's new technology was installed, training with RouteMatch was completed and the full conversion implemented. Shortly after that, SporTran also added tablets and RouteMatch mobile data technology in all of their vans -- making a full transition to a paperless scheduling system.

Almost immediately, SporTran was able to experience improved efficiencies and greater scheduling capacity.

"The GeoManifest feature of RouteMatch allows us to transport more riders to their destinations by ensuring that the best possible routing sequence is used," explains Dinero. Scheduling optimization features like this have allowed SporTran to increase customer trips to critical medical services such as hemodialysis treatment and rehabilitation therapy by 300 percent.

Tablet technology has also made a huge impact on drivers. "The onboard tablets have improved communication between our drivers and our scheduling/dispatch staff," Dinero says. "This in turn, has enhanced our customer services by providing an instantaneous method to quickly and easily update trip data, and identify potential problems before they become problems."

The tablets have also greatly simplified and reduced the large amount of documentation and data entry that was previously necessary.

Enhanced Reporting Abilities and Empowering Customers with Automated Notifications

For SporTran's customers, perhaps the most dramatic improvement was the addition of the RouteMatch Notification Module. This automated notification system calls customers the night or day before to let them know when their van will arrive to pick them up thereby reducing customer anxiety and complaints.

"Calls from customers to our dispatch center, who want to check on their ride times, have greatly reduced since we implemented the notification module," says Dinero. "And, our schedulers now have more time available for callers who need to schedule new rides."

Reporting abilities and reliable data capture is another area where SporTran's investment in technology has paid off. Today, reporting abilities are much more robust and the agency has insight into funding categories, trips by purpose, billing categories and much more.

"Overall, RouteMatch has made a major impact on our system," says Dinero. "These tools -- scheduling with the optimizer, customer reminders and tablets -- and our staff, are the reason SporTran will continue to grow at a rapid pace and serve our community."

"RouteMatch is thrilled to work with the talented team at SporTran," says Chris Campbell, RouteMatch Vice President. "Their ability to embrace new technology and make it part of their DNA is to be commended. Their use of tablets and the Notification Module demonstrate how the right technology can make both employees and customers happy."

RouteMatch will be showcasing its complete technology platform at the 2014 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Conference & Expo in Houston, Texas, October 13-15th.

About SportTran

SporTran is a paratransit and fixed route transit services provider, with service to Shreveport and Bossier City. SporTran sports a fleet of over 50 modern buses equipped to handle all passengers, including those with disabilities. Buses are equipped with the latest emission reduction systems and include dual-fuel (Hybrid) buses, and the newest buses are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 

LiftLine is SporTran's Demand-Responsive Paratansit Service, a van service that is specially equipped with wheelchair lifts/ramps and other accessibility features that allow maximum mobility for customers with disabilities that are unable to use SporTran's Fixed Route buses because of their disabilities.

About RouteMatch Software

RouteMatch Software is the leading provider of passenger transportation technologies and mobility management solutions. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and works with more than 600 transit agencies across the United States and internationally, providing quality software and customer service. Partnering with public and private sector passenger transportation providers, the company's products address routing, scheduling, dispatching, billing, reporting, fixed route,CAD/AVL, demand response and fixed route integration, traveler information services, electronic fare payment, transit asset management, mobility management, business intelligence, and more. Additional information about RouteMatch's ITS technologies are available at or by calling RouteMatch toll-free at (US) 1-888-840-8791.

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