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August 22, 2011 09:00 ET

SportsGunner Combines Addictive Fun of Fantasy Sports With Intellectual Stimulation of Investing

Dynamic New Online and Mobile Game Raises the Stakes of Fantasy Sports With Rankings-Based System That Allows Players to Trade in Teams and Play Throughout the Playoffs

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 22, 2011) - Fantasy sports just got more intense with the launch of SportsGunner, an innovative online and mobile game that pairs the fun of fantasy sports with the fundamentals of stock market investing. Prove your sports expertise by trading teams, as well as individual-sport athletes, in an exciting buy and sell environment. Your ability to successfully predict a team or athlete's directional movements in the rankings (up or down), will result in a winning portfolio of teams. SportsGunners compete to win, prizes, trophies, trips, cash and badges, and the top Gunners are profiled on the site each week.

This rankings-based value system is the defining characteristic of SportsGunner. By blending fantasy sports with investment principles, SportsGunner is enabling people to see the clear team value based on the latest rankings, take positions on their favorite teams, and build a winning portfolio that proves sports knowledge. People's passion for their favorite and rival teams doesn't change as frequently as the rankings, which is what makes SportsGunner so much fun to play.

The New Face of Fantasy
Unlike traditional fantasy sports, SportsGunner lets sports fans:

  • Buy and Sell Teams: Buy their favorites, sell their rivals and win or lose based on team and portfolio performance.
  • Build a Custom Portfolio: Own as many teams as they like; take positions big or small; analyze sports; track performance and adjust holdings based on changing opinions day by day, week by week, all season long.
  • Play the Post Season: The post season not only counts, but brings intense competition during the championship drive.
  • Engage in a Social Compete Platform: Intellectually stimulating sports competition extends from the Web to mobile devices and social platforms for continuous competition.
  • Play Solo or in Leagues: Sports fans don't have to wait for an invitation to join a Fantasy league or build one on their own, but can play solo against the field at any time.

How SportsGunner Works
After registering and creating a profile, each new Gunner receives 10,000 credits to get started. The SportsGunner power rankings directly determine a team or individual athlete's price-per-share. Gunners use those shares to make plays, buying and selling shares based on their analysis and prediction of the team rising or falling in the rankings. Depending on their accuracy, Gunners accumulate or lose shares, which can be cashed out and sold on the SportsGunner market. Portfolios are updated weekly when the new rankings are published, and each Gunner's profits and losses are determined. Winners and losers rise or fall accordingly.

Competing Against the Field
SportsGunners compete against the SportsGunner Nation at-large and/or against friends and rivals in private and custom pick-up leagues. Gunners can compete throughout the season, organize pick-up games for a weekend or specific time period, and create leagues that span all sports or just focus on one.

SportsGunner is available today at and ready to trade on all the active major sports -- MLB, NFL, College Football, and Major League Soccer -- with additional sports added as their respective seasons begin.

About RSI and SportsGunner
Real Sports Investor was founded in 2011 by investment experts and sports enthusiasts to connect sports fans and compare their expertise in a social compete, financially modeled environment. The company's breakthrough SportsGunner game combines the addictive fun of fantasy sports, with the intellectual stimulation of market investing. Trading takes place in an innovative buy and sell environment where team values are based on the latest rankings. Participants aim to correctly predict the directional movements of teams, up or down the rankings, and succeed by building a winning portfolio of teams. For more information about SportsGunner, please visit:

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