November 24, 2015 11:00 ET

SpotX Introduces 'Curated Marketplaces' to Package Similar Video Inventory Across Publishers

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - November 24, 2015) -

  • New marketplace type joins programmatic's family of buying models
  • Inventory from multiple publishers packaged into groups curated by category, demos, viewability or other advertiser needs
  • SpotX has seen rapid uptake with over 15% of gross media traded outside of public marketplace going through new curated marketplace structure

The next phase in the evolution of programmatic marketplaces has entered the video market, with the introduction of marketplaces built around advertiser needs, like viewability rates, audiences, devices or categories.

Inventory management platform, SpotX -- the pioneer of programmatic marketplaces for video -- is the first to introduce Curated Marketplaces, a variation of private marketplaces specifically built to cater to advertiser needs and help publishers scale private deals.

Curated Marketplaces are created with video inventory from multiple publishers, by packaging inventory into groups based on common audience or content categories, demographic profiles or performance-based goals like viewability. The marketplace is presented to the buyer under a single Deal ID, increasing efficiencies for publishers and advertisers.

This new type of marketplace combines the supplier transparency and safety of private marketplaces with the scale of the open market, according to Alex Merwin, VP, Global Programmatic Demand at SpotX.

"Since launching Curated Marketplaces six weeks ago, we've seen adoption spike from nothing to over 15% of total gross media traded outside of SpotX's public marketplace globally," Merwin said.

"When you talk to the people at the agencies who set up and buy into private marketplaces, there is a lot of pain in scaling Deal ID based media executions. By grouping inventory by a buyer's KPIs into a single curated market, we effectively neutralize the risks of publisher specific challenges creating friction in scaling private market buys."

Curated Marketplaces also provide more clarity for publishers regarding the needs of programmatic media buyers. The Deal IDs representing Curated Marketplaces are 'always on,' so when a publisher's inventory qualifies they can approach the buyer for inclusion and activate an incremental source of programmatic demand.

Mia Mulch, Head of Inventory & Data, UK, at Omnicom Media Group's programmatic agency Accuen, believes Curated Marketplaces will be a valuable offering for ad buyers. "Curated Marketplaces are a good way for buyers to access multiple publishers, making it easier to scale than traditional Deal IDs, all while still maintaining the same domain-level transparency levels we expect for a one-to-one private marketplace," Mulch said.

We expect most publishers to add Curated Marketplaces to their programmatic selling programs to take advantage of the efficiencies and extra demand they're generating.

"To truly optimize yield, publishers are combining the best of different members of the family of programmatic trading -- programmatic direct, private marketplaces, open marketplaces and now curated marketplaces," said Merwin.

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