November 16, 2015 10:02 ET

SpotX Launches tvOS SDK Enabling Publishers to Self-Monetize Apple TV

tvOS Joins SpotX's Cross-Screen Monetization Platform

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - November 16, 2015) - Video inventory management platform SpotX has launched an SDK for Apple's new tvOS enabling publishers to monetize their Apple TV apps with high CPM premium video ads.

The SDK will enable publishers to program when and how ads play in their Apple TV app, as well as employ a cross-screen monetization strategy via the same SpotX platform that manages desktop, mobile and other connected TV environments.

With the release of Apple's new tvOS, third-party developers now have the opportunity to bring new experiences to the big screen. For publishers, tvOS enables full control over the monetization of video advertising served through the OTT device for the first time.

SpotX's SDK allows publishers to independently monetize their Apple TV apps, and choose when and how ads play, according to the video monetization pioneer's VP of Mobile & Connected Devices, Allen Klosowski.

"We expect most publishers with strong media brands to extend their experiences to Apple TV in the near future to reach new and existing audiences," Klosowski said. "They're now able to develop for the Apple TV just like they would for iOS, meaning they can take advantage of the power of big screen video teamed with the targeting and measurability of digital."

"We expect the dominant type of advertising on Apple TV to be video, as it's much more impactful than banner advertising in a lean-back environment. In addition, Apple TV lacks support for a true browsing experience, which means brands must focus less on direct response, and more on message retention and brand lift through video storytelling."

Apple TV will make available a wealth of applications that can easily be ported over from iOS, including games, news and video apps.

SpotX's SDK will enable ads on the Apple TV system to be sold both direct and programmatically, in conjunction with desktop and mobile pre-roll, app interstitial, and out-stream ad units, via SpotX's platform.

"SpotX's holistic inventory management platform enables publishers to understand and leverage the highest yielding inventory across devices and sales techniques," Klosowski said.

"Publishers are using the SpotX platform to manage direct and programmatic direct buys for inventory delivered across screens. By managing different sales techniques and screens in the one platform, publishers can work with advertisers to deliver the right audiences regardless of whether they are using their laptop, tablet, smartphone or television screen."

About SpotX

SpotX is a video inventory management platform for premium publishers and broadcasters, helping them manage all of their demand sources from one place, and monetize content across all screens. The SpotX platform offers publishers unprecedented transparency and insight, creating a safe, controlled environment that allows them to connect with advertisers, and achieve the highest revenue possible. Premium publishers and mobile app developers trust SpotX as the independent solution that helps them better understand the buying behavior of today's leading brands and maximize inventory yield across private marketplace, programmatic direct and open marketplace deals. SpotX's ad serving, leading programmatic technology, and open and extensible architecture help simplify the complex digital video ecosystem for global publishers. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SpotX also has offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Belfast and Singapore. In July 2014, leading European entertainment network RTL Group acquired a 65% stake in SpotX, which was founded by CEO Mike Shehan and CFO and COO, Steven Swoboda, in 2007. For updates, please follow SpotX @SpotXchange or visit

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