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September 26, 2011 09:00 ET

SpotXchange Announces 100% of Video Ad Inventory Is Available via Real-Time Bidding

Company Video Marketplace Sees 12x Increase in RTB Bid Requests in Last Three Months From Partners Turn, TubeMogul, LiveRail, AdoTube, Brainient and MaxPoint

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Sep 26, 2011) - SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced that 100% of its video inventory is available through its real-time bidding (RTB) API, launched last November, and that demand for its RTB solution for video has grown exponentially since May, with an increase of more than 120% in real-time bid requests.

"SpotXchange is the only video ad marketplace to make 100% of our inventory available to our RTB partners," said Michael Shehan, co-founder and CEO of SpotXchange. "We have seen incredible growth in the adoption of our RTB solution for video, and we find that RTB is quickly becoming more mainstream because it helps advertisers greatly reduce waste, increase performance and simplify the media trading process."

Since launching its SpotMarket RTB™ solution for video last year, SpotXchange has provided partners such as Turn, TubeMogul, LiveRail, AdoTube Video Platform, Brainient and MaxPoint Interactive access to premium in-stream video inventory reaching more than 110 million monthly unique users in more than 20 countries. Using real-time bidding for video, these SpotXchange clients don't have to spend the resources to maintain hundreds of publisher relationships. In the past few months, SpotXchange has seen the number of RTB bid requests increase by 120% to 4.6 billion per month (see chart).

"As a RTB leader for the buy side, we're excited to work with SpotXchange as they are a pioneer in the category of real time bidding for online video," said Philip Smolin, VP of Product at Turn. "With a single click, marketers using the Turn platform can integrate all of SpotXchange's video inventory into their display and mobile campaigns to create a comprehensive, cross-channel digital strategy."

As the online video marketplace demands transparency, targeting and control, SpotXchange has worked to expand its partners' RTB capabilities. With real-time bidding, advertisers can tailor their bids on an impression-by-impression basis when bidding on in-stream video ad inventory made available through SpotXchange's auction-based marketplace. Brand and direct response advertisers engaged with SpotXchange RTB partners can leverage audience targeting (and re-targeting), full transparency, data analytics, automated optimization, global frequency capping and other benefits that RTB now brings to online video advertising. While prices vary with real-time bidding, greater RTB volume means more competition, which means more competitive pricing.

"SpotXchange's RTB solution delivers the transparency and control over the execution of targeted video ad campaigns that our key brand marketers require," said Amy Richards, Chief Marketing Officer of TubeMogul. "By valuing each impression individually, we can always maximize the impact of every dollar spent."

SpotXchange's RTB solution for online video also helped deliver a 9x increase in post-click conversion rate for Get the Label, a subsidiary of JD Sports Fashion, a leading sports fashion retailer in the UK. Leveraging premium in-stream video inventory purchased via SpotXchange's RTB solution, Brainient helped increase brand awareness and video ad engagement for Get the Label.

"You simply can't achieve the same efficiencies in buying or selling video advertising without real-time bidding," said Brainient CEO Emi Gal. "With SpotXchange's RTB solution, our clients now have access to large pools of video inventory that is very liquid and that helps us more efficiently buy the best-performing audiences at scale."

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