September 17, 2007 08:30 ET

SPPGROUP USA New Russian Premium Vodkas That Scream Enjoy Me!

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - In the highly competitive US arena for vodkas comes two new vodka brands imported directly from the Russian Federation that may be affordably enjoyed by the neophyte and vodka purest alike.

Dr. David J. Height, President/CEO of SPPGROUP USA, LLC, a Chicago based spirits importer, announced the United States introduction of the Russian vodkas Michel Strogov Ultra-Premium and Severka Premium. The brands are distilled, bottled and shipped from the Russian Federation, the country that vodka aficionados consider to be the true home of vodka.

Both Michel Strogov and Severka vodkas are positioned in the fast growing Ultra-Premium and Premium categories of fine imported Russian vodkas. Each brand undergoes a seven- or four-time distillation and filtration process respectively through fine silicate sand and selected charcoals. Using only the finest wheat and purest waters, Michel Strogov is attractively bottled using the Russian motif of the Imperial Eagle while Severka depicts a snowy Urals Mountain theme. The bottle thickness is designed to retain the vodka at the proper cold serving temperatures "Russian Style" for a smooth drink sensation with no unpleasant aftertaste.

Both Michel Strogov and Severka trade on their Russian origins with the slick advertising taglines: "A truly noble Russian vodka with the taste a Czar will love!" and "From our Steppe to yours!"

Both Michel Strogov and Severka vodkas target the consumers with a palate for fine imported Russian vodka without breaking the bank.

Michel Strogov and Severka are represented in Illinois by Imperial Distributors, Inc. and limited distribution in Ohio with major United States expansion plans.

For Illinois, Imperial Distributors may be contacted at 1 847 718 0234 and SPPGROUP USA may be contacted at

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