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November 25, 2013 23:00 ET

Spread the Love -- glomp! Debuts in Singapore and Hong Kong

When Deepening Connections Between People Are All About Giving

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Nov 25, 2013) - Riding on the shift in the media landscape toward social media and digital communications, glomp!, a revolutionary new digital platform that enables tangible treating between friends, has officially launched in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Primed to become the next digital connectivity phenomenon in the region and beyond, glomp! enhances the quality of touch between individuals by enabling a greater and more personal online, and offline experience. Catching up with friends in person has increasingly become a challenge in our fast-paced society. So while sending a message, sharing a video or to 'Like' and comment on friends' posts may be a nice gesture, treating them to something they can physically enjoy is even more gratifying.

"We're really excited to bring to 'social' and digital media to that next level of connectivity. glomp! actualises into the digital space, that age-old friendly interchange of treating one another. And since digital media is revolutionising the process of connectivity on a global level, glomp! aims to extend this progression by covering the world," shared Zachary Lai, creator of glomp!.

In a fun and convenient manner, glomp! bridges the digital connectivity gap by enabling friends and acquaintances to real world treating of enjoyable products ranging from a coffee, smoothie or beer to an ice-cream. Whether it's to say thanks, extending congratulations, cheering someone up or touching base with a client, with just a few clicks glomp! allows you to express your gestures of appreciation as frequently as you wish through a casual treat. And with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, what better way is there to share the festive joy?

The glomp! platform partners with quality retail and service outlets that offer a tantalising variety of enjoyable products to select from. Cafés, bars and anywhere a treat can be enjoyed are likely places where people can expect to be glomp!ed at. Quality partner brands include the likes of Le Noir, Berrylite and Cedele, alongside other exciting brands to come. The spread of outlets will extend both far and wide, which makes redeeming treats exceptionally convenient.

Following its official debut in Singapore and Hong Kong simultaneously, glomp! will be establishing its presence as the pre-eminent treating platform worldwide. In no time at all, giving and receiving treats across the globe will be possible in the most convenient and exciting manner.

Great Channel for Merchants

Marketing choices for merchants such as cafés, bars, confectionary stores and spas that are constantly looking for better ways to reach out to consumers by bringing products closer to them have just been expanded. To add value to their business, glomp! invites quality merchants to join this new phenomenon and be a part of this new world of stronger connectivity for their customers.

How Does glomp! Work?
1. Simply register for a free glomp! account and connect the friends you would like to treat (and be treated by) on the glomp! network or by inviting them via email or Facebook.

2. Select a treat from a menu of products available and pay with your credit card or the pre-purchased credit in your glomp! account.

3. Your friend will be notified by email or on Facebook.

4. At their convenience, your friend goes to their nearest or preferred glomp! partner outlet that you have selected and presents the glomp! voucher on their Smartphone app to redeem and enjoy!

5. It's that simple!

When's A Good Time To glomp!?
As the saying goes, "an act of kindness goes a long way", and glomp! not only lets you put a smile on a friend's face but also a treat into their hands!

Here are some examples:

Amy posts: "Just landed my dream job!" So her girlfriend Jane glomp!s her a strawberry smoothie to congratulate her.

Jack responds to David's question: "Where to find the best Thai food in town?" David glomp!s Jack a beer to thank him.

Sam receives a text from his girlfriend Susie: "What a mad day it's been at work!" To instantly cheer Susie up, Sam glomp!s her a blueberry muffin.

It is Jasmine's birthday. Her old college roommate from London glomp!s her a glass of champagne.

Daniel has been quietly admiring Bella. He glomp!s her a Strawberry Daiquiri with the message: "Fancy some company while enjoying this drink???".

Didi hasn't caught up with her client Max for a while. She glomp!s him a latte to touch base and see how business is.

It feels great to treat a friend but it's just as nice to receive a treat! So invite more friends, get started and glomp! away!

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About glomp!

glomp! is an online and mobile social platform launched first in Singapore and Hong Kong in November 2013, and operated and owned by glomp! Pte Ltd. Founded by Zachary Lai, the glomp! platform partners with quality retail and service outlets to offer a selection of enjoyable treats for users to treat and receive from each other. Aside from the basic function of enabling treating of products, the platform comprises of a number of smart and engaging features for enhanced user enjoyment. Targeting to expand the platform across the globe, glomp! is expected to hit other parts of Asia, the United Kingdom and United States of America by early 2014. glomp! is all about positivity, with the aim to deepen digital connectivity between people.

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