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March 20, 2014 10:58 ET

Spreading the Cough Treatment News

Known as Cough Hypersensitivity Disorder, Chronic Coughers Are Finding Relief in This New Diagnosis and Treatment, According to Chicago Cough Expert, Brian Rotskoff, MD

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Mar 20, 2014) - Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome is newly recognized diagnosis in the treatment of chronic cough. There are few doctors in the country that treat this disorder, included among them is Brian Rotskoff, MD, of the Clarity Cough Center in Chicago, IL. In an interview with News Talk 770, Dr. Rotskoff explained this paradigm shift in the treatment of cough.

"We've been treating chronic cough for a long time, but there is a new way of looking at it that has emerged in the last few years," explained cough expert Dr. Rotskoff. "When we see patients with chronic cough, what we are seeing now is damage to cough receptors areas in their throat and airway. And inflammation happens in those areas and leads to chronic cough."

Everyone has a cough reflex. If we swallow something that goes down the wrong way, we cough and clear the object from the airway. In patients with Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome, the inflammation of the tissue causes an abnormal, or hypersensitive, cough reflex that leads to chronic cough. These patients do not respond to traditional chronic cough treatment.

Treating chronic cough
Chronic cough sufferers often feel that effective treatment and relief are elusive. Many of these patients had succumbed to the thought of a permanent cough. "Some of the patients I see have had a chronic cough for 20 or 30 years and have seen doctor after doctor with no results," says Dr. Rotskoff.

Now with this new understanding there is help for those patients, and Dr. Rotskoff is spreading the word. When asked about the new treatment approach, the Chicago allergist responded, "We are able to treat abnormal cough reflex by healing the nerve damage with medication. The medications that we use were traditionally used to treat neuropathic conditions. Once the damaged nerve tissue heals, then we can explore and treat the causes of the cough."

Identifying the causes of the cough can be a cumbersome task, but it is no challenge too big for the cough expert. "There are many factors that cause a cough," explains Dr. Rotskoff. "Often it can be as many as three or four. If coughing persists after treating one cause, then we continue to treat other factors."

So what causes Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome?
"In many of the patients that I see, a lot of them have an initial trauma to the airway that triggers the cough," explains Dr. Rotskoff. "This trauma is commonly an upper respiratory infection or a common cold. We also believe that there is a genetic link to Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome. When a person with this tendency contacts a cough trigger, it just ignites the already underlying condition."

The good news is that there is hope for chronic cough. If you are among the many who suffer from cough and feel like you have exhausted all treatments, give it one more try with Dr. Rotskoff at the Clarity Cough Center in Chicago. The chronic cough that you have been diagnosed with and treating, may actually be Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Identifying the root causes of your cough, will bring you the lasting comfort you never thought you'd find.

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