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March 20, 2007 11:50 ET

Spring Break -- Booze, Babes, and Big Business

Dr. Mike Cautions Parents to Talk to Their Kids About Hidden Dangers

COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- Spring Break is upon us, and with this annual party ritual, parents should be taking more interest than ever before. "Parents need to be far more vigilant about what's going on with spring break," says Dr. Mike Thomson, America's leading Character Coach. "The stakes have been raised to unimaginable heights... what used to be a little stress release for college kids has turned into big business, and our kids are the main attraction."

For example, Mantra Films Inc. has made millions off of a series of reality videos called "Girls Gone Wild." According to an August 2006 article in the LA Times, founder Joe Francis has "made a fortune selling videos of women who agree to flash their breasts and French kiss their friends for the cameras. In exchange, a girl who goes wild will receive a T-shirt, a pair of panties, maybe a trucker hat." Add to that sites like MySpace, Flickr and YouTube, and distributing such video and pictures is as easy as pulling out a cell phone, and uploading the files with the click of a mouse.

"Many of these young people never planned on being stars of soft core porn... they made poor choices in an environment that made it easy for them to be preyed upon," says Thomson, "'s not about whether your son or daughter is a good kid... it's about whether they understand how quickly something they view as harmless can become harmful."

Spring Break hot spots like Cancun, Mexico, Panama City Beach, Florida, and San Padre Beach, Texas rake in millions of dollars each year... and with the majority of the kids traveling to only a handful of destinations -- it's become easier for advertisers, marketers, and even companies like Mantra Films to concentrate their efforts in targeting America's youth.

"Look, I'm not saying kids should not go on Spring Break," says Dr. Mike, "but I am saying that parents should be talking with their kids about the very real dangers that are out there. We don't need another Natalie Holloway story."

For a limited time, Dr. Mike has made available a free e-booklet called "Spring Break Ice Breaker" with some helpful suggestions for conversation that every parent should have with their child before they partake in Spring Break. The e-booklet is available through Dr. Mike's web site at


Dr. Michael Thomson, Ph.D. ("Dr. Mike") has been working with schools, businesses, and individuals on matters of Good Character and Ethics for over 25 years. As host of the award-winning PBS Series "In Search of Character™," and co-host of the upcoming documentary "The Learning Lunchbox," Dr. Mike offers practical advice through his "Strategies For Saving Your Sanity™" principles and workshops. For More information, visit Dr. Mike online at

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