May 17, 2012 04:00 ET

Spring Cleaning-Living Areas

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - During the sometimes harsh British winter, our living spaces take on more importance due to the sheer amount of time we spend in them. With gardens, and often just going out to the pub or restaurant, off limits due to the cold, dark evenings it is essential come the warmer months to give these areas, which have seen so much use, a huge spring clean.

Sometimes the clear-up is cosmetic, with the dusting and vacuuming efforts going into overdrive in the lounge, however often some of the bigger jobs, such as drain jetting, may need the help of professional drainage services, when the outside of the property is getting its annual maintenance. Once repairs, if required, have been made, it's time to knuckle down and get down to a bit of scrubbing and scouring. There are three main steps to follow when completing the annual cleaning of living areas.

Clear the walls and surfaces

The first step is to take down everything which can be dismounted from the walls, including portraits, photographs, decorations, etc. Once this is done, all of the curtains, or drapes, in living areas will need to be properly washed, it's equally important to adhere to the washing instructions of each product. Clear all of the tables, cabinets, wall units in the living area, and thoroughly wipe down the surfaces.

The ceiling

Once all of the surfaces and walls are cleared, it's time to tackle the ceiling. Remember that it's important to clean all of the fittings in the ceiling, including lights, chandeliers and of course the corners of the ceiling as well. Once all of the attachments have been cleaned, start from the outside of the ceiling and work towards the middle whilst dusting and then washing the ceiling.

Fluff the furniture

All of the furniture also needs to be cleaned thoroughly and from vacuuming the entire couch, to re-oiling the coffee tables, if necessary, it may not be the greatest job in the world, but the shine of a "new" living area will be a fantastically rewarding place to spend the summer.

While cleaning, listen to a great record, an audio book or clean with members of the family, just because spring cleaning is a chore doesn't mean families can't use it to bond and spend some quality time together.

And remember one good point, it will be at another year until you have to go through all of the above again!

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