GreenLawn Canada

GreenLawn Canada

June 05, 2012 09:46 ET

Spring Showers Bring Beautiful, Lush Lawns

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 5, 2012) - Season after season and year after year, you do everything you can to get your lawn looking lush and vibrant. You know, just like your neighbour's lawn. You've done it all - from dedicating weekends to covering your lawn in fertilizer to inspecting every inch of your lawn on all fours. But despite your greatest efforts, you still have somehow managed not to achieve the awe worthy lawn you want. If getting that picture perfect lawn feels like a feat that will never come to fruition then perhaps there are still some steps you've missed in your lawn care routine.

A combination of lawn aeration and overseeding is not only essential steps to your lawn care routine, but can also be the answer you've been looking for. Over the previous summer, your lawn will have been subjected to a lot of traffic that can cause soil compaction, which if not alleviated can lead to a variety of problems. Lawn aeration doesn't just loosen the soil, it increases oxygen flow, water and nutrients absorption, and helps eliminates thatch. Following up with overseeding promotes new growth, ensuring your lawn stays thick and dense making it much harder for weeds to come along and call your lawn home.

When it comes to lawn care, timing is everything, and could be the difference between achieving that picture perfect lawn and not. That's why kick starting your lawn care routine in early spring is the best thing you can do. Since that is when your lawn is awakening from the winter thaw and actively growing, allowing it to recover from the lawn aeration quickly and grow more lushly from the overseeding.

Getting lawn care down to a tee can be difficult and time consuming. So, for over 30 years GreenLawn has taken on a challenge of providing our customers with reliable, comprehensive and expert lawn service. Contact us today and we'll tailor a lawn treatment schedule that will give you a lawn to envy. When you're in need of a professional lawn care plan, turn to the company that's made your lawn their passion, turn to GreenLawn.

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