June 24, 2008 10:00 ET

SpyFu UK Arms Companies Crossing the Atlantic With Competitive Intelligence

The New Service Helps US Businesses Weather a Troubled Economy by Providing the Key Online Marketing Data They Need to Target the UK Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - Businesses seeking an advantage during a weak US economy now have a robust new ally -- SpyFu UK, the first service that delivers strategic Web marketing reports based on UK search engine data, giving subscribers the upper hand when expanding to the United Kingdom.

By identifying online competitors and their UK-specific tactics, such as pay-per-click advertising budgets, keywords and search engine rankings, SpyFu makes it easier -- and more profitable -- for businesses to take their campaigns across the Atlantic, providing much-needed relief from America's economic frustrations.

"The US economy is down, but Google UK traffic is increasing and the pound is stronger than ever. This makes online consumers in the UK a highly desirable market for US companies," said Michael J. Roberts, president of Velocityscape, the creator of SpyFu. "SpyFu UK will help them target this market efficiently and effectively, allowing American businesses to continue to grow during tougher economic times."

While other tools offer marketing reports based on US data, SpyFu UK is the only service to provide detailed UK-specific information -- a key distinction, Roberts notes.

"The difference between the US and UK markets is a lot more dramatic than I had expected, from the language consumers use to the competitive landscape. Until now, there was no way to measure this difference and really understand the marketplace," he said. "SpyFu UK opens up a whole new frontier for marketers -- one full of incredible opportunities."

SpyFu UK comes on the heels of a tremendous growth year for SpyFu. Since launching the original US-based service in May 2007, the Web site has grown to more than 1 million unique visitors each month -- making it the most-visited analytics site in the United States and putting its visitor count in the top 1 percent of all Web sites.

SpyFu UK is the first of several planned expansions for SpyFu, with additional launches scheduled for 2008 and 2009 in Canada, Australia and several Western European countries. The service is available both individually and as a bundle with the original US-based SpyFu. For more information, visit, or view all SpyFu and SpyFu UK subscription options.

About SpyFu

Founded in 2006, SpyFu is a cutting-edge resource designed to help search engine marketers and pay-per-click advertisers understand their competition -- and take action. Using powerful data extraction tools, SpyFu compiles data from 125 million paid search ads and natural search results each month, providing subscribers with valuable information on their competition.

SpyFu is a division of Velocityscape, LLC, a privately held software products and services company based in Arizona. Founded by Michael J. Roberts in 1999, Velocityscape is also the developer of Web Scraper Lite, Web Scraper Plus+ and Web Macros -- data extraction platforms that help businesses automate site navigation, submit data and move information from the Web to spreadsheets and databases.

For more information on SpyFu and SpyFu UK, visit For details on Velocityscape's other projects, visit

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