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March 05, 2014 13:14 ET

Squerb Launches Smarter Opinion Graph in Public Beta

Squerb Launches the Web's Best Sentiment Engine to Help Users Better Engage Their Worlds With a Few Clicks (or Taps)

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) - Squerb (, inventors of the first multi-dimensional online opinion graph, announced today the official launch of its public beta, providing the easiest and funnest way for netizens to express themselves on any topic, while allowing them to immediately understand what their followers and friends think of the same subject. Users can "squerb" within any conceivable category, from entertainment and leisure topics to companies and news articles, utilizing a simple multi-dimensional graph made up of axes of "Intelligence" and "Emotion." Squerb also takes into consideration that each topic has unique "Aspects" relevant to its rating. So, for example, you don't just squerb a movie, you can break it down and squerb the Plot, the Acting, the Directing, etc.

"The success of the internet in giving each of us a voice has invoked the law of unintended consequences. Where we once lacked the signal of people's opinions, we now have so much noise that it's hard to hear or be heard," said Squerb founder and CEO Chris Biscoe. "To solve this, most sites rely on simple heuristics like thumbs-up, 'like' or 1-5 stars. Those tools allow you to count opinion quickly but don't give you much actionable data. Where user-driven opinions do give very specific data, for example in the 'blah-blah' of online reviews, it is hard to count those opinions. Squerb offers the best of both worlds, allowing anyone with a few clicks to say that the Food at a Restaurant was 'Delicious and Flavorful' but the Service was 'Disappointing and Slow.'"

"For brand marketers, Squerb provides the most developed expression yet of 'permission marketing,' combining the power of 'likes,' pins, retweets, comments and 5-star ratings into a single visual graph. Squerb is to be a user-driven platform, where users share their opinions with companies and brands at their discretion, creating a wholly unique kind of engagement with customers. Squerb data makes it immediately clear what aspects of your business merited positive feedback, and which received more negative feedback," added Biscoe. "We believe Squerb will change the way in which business and customers engage and share opinion data in a similar way to how other companies have changed the relationship between storefronts and digital customers. From movie studios and restaurants, to concerts and websites, to practically anything you could think of, Squerb allows users to express their opinions with the assurance that their opinions matter and with the ease of a few clicks (or taps). Because of this power to engage, Squerb's business is not in serving ads, but in creating mutually agreeable engagements between people and the companies they love. We believe in honest 'big data,' where the central belief is that it is the creators of data who control how it is used, not the miners of data."

Squerb has been in private beta for awhile, and at launch users and the public can see what is being "Squerbed" through Hot Topics this Week, or even what the Squerb community thinks are "the most hilarious" or "the most inspiring." Users can sift through dozens of content categories such as movies, bands, local Restaurants, etc. Squerb is free to use for individuals to create and share their opinions on any topic. Compatible with desktop and the mobile web, the platform also allows sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and will release apps for Android and iOS in the next few weeks. Squerb even has an API for those interested in embedding the Squerb Opinion Graph into existing websites.

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Squerb is a next-generation opinion graph that greatly improves the way we create and share our opinions and curate our online existence. Instead of losing our voice in the noise of the web, users plot opinions next to others' on an easy-to-use, visual scale, ensuring that each user's voice is also "seen." Data learned from products and services on Squerb offers unique insights into what is being said about brands and products, and along with why and how it is being said. For more information, please visit http:///

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