February 05, 2014 08:00 ET

SRCH2 Sets the Bar for High-Performance Search on Android

Benchmark Report Showcases Unmatched Speed, Power Efficiency, and Performance on Android Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2014) - SRCH2 -- the high-performance search engine for any platform -- today announced a benchmark report that unequivocally establishes it as the standard for search locally on Android devices.

The lab report finds that SRCH2 delivers unmatched performance on key metrics, including power use, indexing speed, and query speed. The report also compares SRCH2 directly to leading open source search engine Lucene on Android 4.3, and shows performance boosts of more than 400x for advanced search on local data.

SRCH2 made the announcement at AppsWorld North America in San Francisco, where the high-performance search engine developer is presenting this week.

SRCH2's geo-aware, real-time, high-performance search engine runs distributed across mobile and disconnected devices as well as cloud and datacenter servers. Today's report highlights its performance advantages not just in Android, but in any memory-constrained environment. Overall, SRCH2 is distinguished by its incredible performance on mobile devices relative to other choices -- in terms of memory footprint, speed, and depth of search intelligence.

"SRCH2 is the fastest and most efficient search engine for internal search on websites, intranets, and mobile devices," said Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., chief mobile strategist with Compass Intelligence.

Because SRCH2 is built for high performance in a thin footprint, developers are able to offer a search engine embedded within their apps or devices, locally. This enables them to:

1. Provide advanced search features 400x faster than Lucene;
2. Offer search which is not impacted by network latency and intermittency, and;
3. Lower overall power usage, bandwidth, and cloud serving costs.

"The future of search is high performance in a thin memory footprint," said SRCH2 CEO Dev Bhatia. "SRCH2 is now being deployed by some of the world's largest Android handset manufacturers, across millions of consumer devices. Handset, application, and embedded device developers want to deliver overall search performance while lowering their network costs and complexity. Our highly configurable search engine, built from scratch in C++, provides platform independence and full mobile readiness, running with memory and CPU efficiency on any platform, from inexpensive cloud servers down to Android apps, laptops, even disconnected from a network."

Some highlights of the report:

POWER CONSUMPTION: SRCH2 uses 19.5x less power per query than Lucene on Android. This makes it a strong choice, given that consumers consistently demand longer battery performance from their handsets.

INDEXING SPEED: Lucene's indexing times were consistently twice as long or more. If your handset has a combined total of 10,000 contacts, music files, or apps on it, Lucene takes more than 11 seconds to index it.

QUERY SPEEDS: SRCH2 is more than 400x faster than Lucene for error-correcting search. In exact searches, in scale, SRCH2 clocks in at less than 1/1000 of a second.

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Get a free trial download of SRCH2 at SRCH2 also offers an Android SDK, available here: If you are interested in an enterprise license including full support and services, please send an email to, or contact us at

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