October 02, 2013 10:00 ET

SRCH2 Tapped for Silicon Beach Summit Award

WaveMaker Impact Award Honors Leaders in Location Data and Analytics

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 2, 2013) - SRCH2, the Instant Search-As-You-Type engine, has been nominated to receive a WaveMaker Award at the 2013 Siemer Silicon Beach Summit

SRCH2's revolutionary, geo-aware search-as-you-type software is being lauded for its impact and relevance across industries, applications and devices. The company's geo-aware search-as-you-type software, with self-correcting, instant responses to any keystroke, completely alters the search experience for any site, app, or enterprise that deploys SRCH2.

The award honors exciting young companies poised for rapid growth along with industry veterans who nurture emerging technologies that fuel the continually evolving industry. Judges are drawn from Siemer's network of seasoned investors and industry insiders.

"SRCH2 addresses big problems in location data and analytics," said SRCH2 CEO Dev Bhatia. "We're enabling a wholesale shift in search, taking advantage of the new processing capabilities in any server or handset to deliver instant, delightful search. This means every time you search on your phone for a restaurant, or on a retail site for a product, you will find relevant results faster."

When Google launched "Instant Search" in 2010, they claimed to save two seconds off of every search. Now, SRCH2 is enabling any site, app or enterprise to do the same thing. Academic research backs up the claim.

"Instead of the typical search process of typing, pressing enter, and then sorting through results, SRCH2 does it all at once, with each keystroke," said Karl Hampson, group director at leading UK digital agency Realise Group. "The result is lightning fast and feels fresh. You will love it."

SRCH2 was built to address the growing demand for geo-aware, typo-resistant search. In the mobile context, where usage is exploding, people are increasingly frustrated with the quality of their search interfaces. SRCH2 helps developers design beautiful user experiences, with an "off the shelf" search engine that addresses these pain points. With SRCH2's geo-aware search, every device or app can load and run great search.

SRCH2 CEO Dev Bhatia will be presenting on-stage during the WaveMaker Award Demos on Thursday, October 3rd at 2:45 p.m. in Santa Monica. He will be answering questions about the product and advanced analytic feature set from an on-stage panel of judges, emceed by Jesse Draper, The Valley Girl.

About SRCH2
For data-driven sites, apps and devices in mobile, e-commerce, social, and emerging platforms who view search as a mission-critical differentiator, SRCH2 is search software reimagined. It gives them advanced search features with zero investment in development, reconfiguration, or modification. Unlike Lucene and search engines built on top of it, SRCH2 was built from the ground up to address the unmet needs of the data-driven world. SRCH2 is Search Forward. To learn more, please visit