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April 25, 2011 14:22 ET

St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited Announces Developments at the King-King Project Site

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - April 25, 2011) - St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited (TSX:SAU) announces developments at Kingking project site. Early in the morning of April 22 (approximately 2:30 a.m. Philippine Time), a large landslide to the north of Nadecor/St. Augustine operational area on King-king occurred. At this early stage, St. Augustine management understands that a village of unauthorized and unregulated miners, known as small scale miners, on the side of the mountain was impacted. At this time, several fatalities have been reported, other individuals have been rescued with injuries, and still an unknown number of missing miners and family members remain to be accounted for. These activities and this event are not associated with Nadecor and St. Augustine exploration and field studies.

Heavy rain storms are common in this area and additional landslides on the public road have hampered access to the slide area. The Municipality of Pantukan has taken the lead on the rescue operation in conjunction with local police and military. At the request of Pantukan Mayor Celso Sarenas, St. Augustine and Nadecor employees and equipment have been marshaled to assist the municipality with the rescue and recovery effort. St. Augustine equipment was essential in re-opening the public road which allowed rescue activities to be expedited.

St. Augustine management continues to be in direct communication with the Mayor's office and has offered assistance as may be required. St. Augustine maintains members of management at Pantukan and they are staying current with each aspect of the rescue operation.

Management understands that the Armed Forces of the Philippines will be bringing a K-9 platoon, a medical team with ambulances and a platoon of soldiers to assist with rescue and recovery. Several helicopters are being utilized and are making use of the helipad recently constructed by St. Augustine as part of their rescue and recovery operational plan.

Ongoing Concern

The missing were mostly unauthorized and unregulated gold miners and their families who have long been warned to stay away from the landslide-prone area. Authorities have closed some of the tunnels to discourage illegal mining. As relayed by Mayor Serenas in a Friday Associated Press release: "We have warned them (unauthorized small miners) repeatedly of the danger there but they wouldn't listen,"

The Nadecor / St. Augustine operations currently have five operating diamond drill rigs and one reverse circulation rig on the King-king tenement area along with associated road maintenance and drill support equipment. These operations are in support of resource infill drilling, metallurgical, environmental and geotechnical studies for the bankable feasibility study of the King-king deposit. Nadecor / St. Augustine efforts have taken precautions to mitigate any chance that drill access road building and maintenance would cause a slide such as this. The current landslide event near the King-king exploration program is unrelated to current activities. St. Augustine does not believe their areas of operations are in any danger of slides at this time and activities continue on schedule.

As a result of this event, recent small slides in which loss of life occurred, as well as the 2009 event in which 29 lives were lost, Nadecor and St. Augustine will be accelerating the King-king environmental geo-hazards study so that the preliminary findings can be presented to Pantukan Mayor Serenas and Compostela Valley Province Governor Uy for further consideration about the safety of the populace. St. Augustine believes that this area is very hazardous area for a population to live. Clyde Gillespie, Director of Environmental and Permitting for St. Augustine states: "People and families should not be living in this area. Our recent experience combined with past instances points to the fact that this type of tragedy will continue to occur."

The development of the King-king project will provide a sustainable alternative job opportunity, safer work environment, and environmentally sound alternative to the small scale mining activities of today for the community of Pantukan and the Compostela Valley Province.

Management and personnel of both Nadecor and St. Augustine express their sympathy to the affected populace who are experiencing losses in the landslide and remain vigilant in providing whatever assistance may be necessary.

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