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April 18, 2013 23:45 ET

St. Clair County, Illinois Upgrades to Tiburon CAD, Adds Tiburon RMS and Deploys in the Cloud

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2013) - Tiburon, Inc., the public safety and security industries' leading provider of integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management system (RMS) solutions for secure cloud or on-premises deployments, today announced that St. Clair County, Illinois successfully upgraded to and deployed Tiburon CAD in the Company's secure-cloud computing environment. The success of the solution's deployment provided St. Clair County with confidence to add Tiburon Law RMS into the mix.

St. Clair County's Tiburon CAD went live on April 2 at 3:05 am with all other applications including 28 Mobile Units being brought on-line by noon that same day. The solution consisted of 15 CAD positions, 10 WebCAD concurrent licenses, 28 Mobiles, State of Illinois interface and ProQA EMS interfaces. "We are very happy with how well the go-live went. Over the course of my career, I've been through four major CAD implementations and this one was the smoothest by far," said William H. Gamblin, ENP, Executive Director, St. Clair County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB)/Cencom.

The Executive Director believed the success of the project was determined well before the Tiburon system went live a couple weeks ago. When the decision was made to go forward with Tiburon CAD in the Cloud, St. Clair County determined they needed an all-inclusive approach to handle the CAD implementation. "We created a Tiger Team, led by St. Clair County's CAD Administrator, Crystal Roth, which consisted of leaders from all stakeholder groups involved in the project. Individuals from the Police and Fire Departments, Call Center Supervisors, Dispatchers/Call-takers, IT, Lead Engineers, GIS staff, Tiburon Project Management and Training were involved from the very beginning and I can't say enough about how well the team collectively performed."

Deploying a new CAD system requires some level of change management with new capabilities and enhanced processes and involves countless hours of preparation, collaboration, requirement collection, planning, testing, and training. "Having new features such as the dispatcher's ability to send text messages to responders, and identifying requirements for multi-agency run cards across the cities were critical success factors. We had a couple of minor issues during the go-live but never any showstoppers or risk to our citizens or services and these items were agreed by Tiburon to be addressed in future product enhancements," said the Executive Director.

Last year, when St. Clair County looked at replacing their existing system, it was determined that Tiburon CAD deployed in a private public safety secure-cloud environment would offer the greatest financial and operational benefits in terms of affordability, and reducing (hardware/software) maintenance costs and demand for IT resources. As part of the public safety software maintenance agreement, Tiburon provides regular software enhancements at no additional cost. "Our team can now focus on putting information in the system and not have to worry about technology upgrades to security, hardware and/or software," said Executive Director Gamblin.

St. Clair County, IL Selects Tiburon RMS in the Secure-Cloud
With the Tiburon CAD implementation project going smoothly (prior to go-live), St. Clair County elected to add Tiburon RMS to their Tiburon CAD configuration with both systems to serve as a single-integrated platform in a private public safety secure-cloud environment. The Tiburon RMS software subscription includes 200 user licenses shared evenly between St. Clair County Sheriff/St. Clair County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) and City of Belleville Police Department and along with some licenses to be deployed at a later date.

"When we were evaluating records management systems, Tiburon RMS was very impressive from a feature and functionality standpoint. Having a Tiburon CAD and RMS single-platform in the cloud helps our team not only gain operational efficiencies to provide enhanced services to St. Clair County but optimize our resources under a tight budget," said Executive Director Gamblin.

The ETSB received a total of 209,620 9-1-1 Calls in 2012 and provides 911 Dispatch and Services to 133 Law, Fire, EMS agencies spread across St. Clair County and its surrounding areas. St. Clair County is the oldest county in Illinois and has a total area of 674.03 square miles with an approximate population of 270,056 citizens living across 29 Cities and Towns. The County It is a part of the St. Louis, Missouri Metropolitan Area.

"Teamwork and partnership go hand-in-hand and we are honored that St. Clair County places their trust in Tiburon and our industry-proven secure-cloud Tiburon CAD and RMS solutions," said Kirke Curtis, Tiburon's Vice President of Marketing. "Tiburon's secure-cloud solutions offer tremendous operational and economic value for agencies of all types and sizes without sacrificing advanced capabilities and future needs."

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