March 11, 2008 10:00 ET

Stablcor Enters Into Licensing Agreement With UK-Based Graphic PLC

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - Stablcor Incorporated, a leading provider of technologically advanced carbon composite laminates, today announced that it has signed a new licensing agreement with UK-based Graphic PLC, a provider of advanced printed circuit boards (PCB) to the defense, aerospace, medical, industrial and telecom industries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

"We have over 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of PCBs with controlled CTE and thermal management designs," said Graphic PLC Technical Director Paul Comer. "We have been tracking the progress of Stablcor and now is the right time to add a license for the STABLCOR technology. It is a natural progression to replace copper invar copper and non-woven aramid currently used in designs for thermal management, CTE matching or rigidity improvements. We are committed to providing highly reliable PCBs featuring a wide range of design options. Stablcor's technology will enable us now to provide the heat management and CTE matching previously only provided by using copper invar copper."

"We introduced our STABLCOR technology to Graphic's key personnel in their purpose-built, 60,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility located in Devon, England," commented Stablcor CTO Kris Vasoya. Graphic's application engineers, sales representatives, engineering team and manufacturing staff were provided an open forum where features, advantages and benefits of the technology were discussed and demonstrated."

"We are pleased to have Graphic PLC, a premier PCB manufacturer, license our STABLCOR product as we believe it to be a validation of the superiority of our technology," noted Stablcor President Douglas J. Tullio. "Graphic targets markets with exacting requirements for thermal management, board rigidity and the ability for CTE matching. These requirements are challenging and our STABLCOR product will assist Graphic in addressing these important industry issues."

STABLCOR Technology

PCBs manufactured using STABLCOR as one or multiple cores will act as a heat spreader, which substantially increases thermal conductivity, provides improved rigidity without increasing the weight of the board, and decreases temperatures in lead-free assemblies. In addition to the improved CTE and thermal management, PCBs manufactured with Stablcor's licensed technology exhibit the following characteristics: less than 50 percent Z-axis expansion, when compared to boards using Thermount materials, and exhibit no moisture absorption issues.

About Stablcor Incorporated

Stablcor is the only provider of a thermally and electrically conductive carbon composite material which, when incorporated in printed circuit boards and substrates, controls heat, thermal expansion and increases the rigidity and strength of circuit boards without increasing the weight. The patented laminate and the processes to incorporate STABLCOR® into circuit boards and substrates provide the electronics industry a cost efficient technology to produce smaller electronic products, while eliminating the thermal, mechanical and reliability concerns that currently challenge the semiconductor industry. For more information about STABLCOR, visit

About Graphic PLC

For nearly 40 years Graphic PLC has provided high technology printed circuit boards to the defense, aerospace, medical, industrial and telecom markets. Graphic manufactures a wide range of product types such as multilayer, flexible, and flexi-rigid with features such as sequential micro-via (staggered or stacked), controlled impedance and controlled CTE ,all fully tested to international standards and reliability criteria agreed with customers. A wide range of materials can be used in these technologies and the finished product is supplied around the world. Graphic is a signatory to the SC21 program for aerospace companies and uses wide ranging world class techniques to advance product and service quality. For more information about Graphic PLC visit

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