September 14, 2015 09:00 ET

Stacki 2 Extends Lead in Bare Metal Provisioning and Automation With Major Enterprise Usability Enhancements

Customer Adoption Surges Over 800 Percent for StackIQ; Open Source Tool Makes Building and Managing Systems for Hadoop, Containers, and Private Cloud Super Easy

SOLANA BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - September 14, 2015) - StackIQ, makers of the Warehouse-grade automation platform for large-scale server infrastructures, today announced the release of Stacki 2. Initially introduced this past June, Stacki is the world's fastest and easiest-to-use Linux server provisioning tool. Stacki 2 delivers new capabilities that simplify the automation and integration of site-specific requirements. StackIQ is the commercial entity behind this open source bare metal provisioning tool.

In just a single quarter, Stacki has generated significant interest from datacenter IT ops and DevOps professionals alike. StackIQ has seen overall customer count increase over 800 percent for production use while the number of enterprise product trials have skyrocketed 40x prior levels for Stacki's commercial counterpart, StackIQ Boss. It is worth noting that StackIQ Boss automates the full software stack for many of the largest known enterprise Hadoop and OpenStack production deployments around the world.

Both Internet companies and enterprise customers have already used Stacki to reduce multi-rack provisioning time by an order of magnitude. Through community feedback, the StackIQ team has added key features in the Stacki 2 release that will help customers grow with the platform whether they are managing a dozen nodes or tens of thousands of nodes at web-scale.

What's New in Stacki 2

Stacki Carts
Stacki Carts are a lightweight, site-specific customization option for highly tailored automation requirements. IT Ops and sysadmins are able to create these site profiles at the infrastructure layer for deep automation of things such as network configuration, disk formatting, and much more. Carts turn an otherwise repetitive customization-heavy chore into an easy, repeatable effort.

Stacki MultiNet
Customers now have the ability to support "backend" host systems residing in multiple subnets from a single Stacki "frontend" system. This feature provides added installation flexibility.

Named Parameters for Command Line
Stacki 2 now features a REST-friendly command line by now enabling key-value parameters. The change from position-based parameters makes it unnecessary to know the order in which parameters appear in the command line.

Unified Support for Multiple OS
Stacki 2 now uses the same "frontend" system to build both RHEL or CentOS 6.x and 7.x "backend" host systems. Users no longer need to create two "frontends" for each OS version.

Logging Improvements
Enhanced error reporting and exception handling produces logs that are more easily integrated and searchable through commercial or homegrown central log management or operational intelligence systems.

"We are thrilled with the initial adoption of Stacki by the datacenter ops community," states Tim McIntire, CEO and Co-Founder, StackIQ. "Stacki 2 is rich with enterprise-centric enhancements that were inspired by the community of production users from world-class organizations."

Well over a million Linux server nodes are under management by StackIQ Boss, Stacki, and its open source sibling the Rocks Cluster Distribution (both Stacki and StackIQ Boss include software developed by the Rocks Cluster Group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego, and its contributors).

Stacki is an open source software project. Contributions, questions, and comments are encouraged by and for the community. End users and developers are invited to visit the resources below for information and to download Stacki for immediate use.

Stacki Resources:

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StackIQ develops and markets a purpose-built, complete server automation platform for clustered, scale-out IT infrastructure. The company's flagship warehouse-grade automation solution, StackIQ Boss, enables customers to go from bare metal to a running application in a single step. StackIQ is also the commercial entity behind the open source bare metal installer, Stacki. Stacki is a very fast and ultra-reliable Linux server provisioning tool that takes systems from bare metal to a cluster-ready base install. Go to for more information and discover us at

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