SOURCE: Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac

January 06, 2017 11:29 ET

STACR 2016 Debt Notes Receive Top NAIC Designations

MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2017) - Freddie Mac (OTCQB: FMCC) today announced that its Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR®) debt notes have received designations by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for the 2016 filing year.

2016 STACR Debt Note NAIC Designations:

Cusip   Class   Designation
3137G0AA7   STACR 2013-DN1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0AB5   STACR 2013-DN1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0AC3   STACR 2013-DN2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0AD1   STACR 2013-DN2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0AK5   STACR 2014-DN1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0AL3   STACR 2014-DN1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0AM1   STACR 2014-DN1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0AX7   STACR 2014-DN2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0AY5   STACR 2014-DN2 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0BJ7   STACR 2014-DN3 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0BK4   STACR 2014-DN3 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0BV0   STACR 2014-HQ1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0BW8   STACR 2014-HQ1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0CF4   STACR 2014-HQ2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0CG2   STACR 2014-HQ2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0CH0   STACR 2014-HQ2 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0CT4   STACR 2014-DN4 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0CU1   STACR 2014-DN4 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0DE6   STACR 2014-HQ3 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0DF3   STACR 2014-HQ3 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0DT3   STACR 2015-DN1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0DW6   STACR 2015-DN1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0EC9   STACR 2015-HQ1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0EF2   STACR 2015-HQ1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0EJ4   STACR 2015-HQ1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0EQ8   STACR 2015-DNA1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0ET2   STACR 2015-DNA1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0EW5   STACR 2015-DNA1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0FC8   STACR 2015-HQ2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0FF1   STACR 2015-HQ2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0FJ3   STACR 2015-HQ2 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0FQ7   STACR 2015-DNA2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0FT1   STACR 2015-DNA2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0FW4   STACR 2015-DNA2 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0GC7   STACR 2015-HQA1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0GF0   STACR 2015-HQA1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0GJ2   STACR 2015-HQA1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0GQ6   STACR 2015-DNA3 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0GT0   STACR 2015-DNA3 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0GW3   STACR 2015-DNA3 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0HC6   STACR 2015-HQA2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0HF9   STACR 2015-HQA2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0HJ1   STACR 2015-HQA2 M3   NAIC 2
3137G0HQ5   STACR 2016-DNA1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0HT9   STACR 2016-DNA1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0HW2   STACR 2016-DNA1 M3   NAIC 1
3137G0JC4   STACR 2016-HQA1 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0JF7   STACR 2016-HQA1 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0JJ9   STACR 2016-HQA1 M3   NAIC 2
3137G0JQ3   STACR 2016-DNA2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0JR1   STACR 2016-DNA2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0JU4   STACR 2016-DNA2 M3   NAIC 2
3137G0KA6   STACR 2016-HQA2 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0KB4   STACR 2016-HQA2 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0KE8   STACR 2016-HQA2 M3   NAIC 3
3137G0KL2   STACR 2016-DNA3 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0KM0   STACR 2016-DNA3 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0KQ1   STACR 2016-DNA3 M3   NAIC 2
3137G0KW8   STACR 2016-HQA3 M1   NAIC 1
3137G0KX6   STACR 2016-HQA3 M2   NAIC 1
3137G0LA5   STACR 2016-HQA3 M3   NAIC 3

NAIC Designations are the specific alphanumeric symbols in use by the NAIC SVO to denote a category of credit quality. The NAIC's Structured Securities Group (SSG) is responsible for the day-to-day credit quality assessment and valuation of securities owned by state regulated insurance companies. The SVO conducts credit analysis on these securities for the purpose of assigning an NAIC designation and/or unit price. The NAIC designation categories are described on the NAIC's SSG webpage.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2016 Mortgage Reference Securities Report is not a substitute for or functional equivalent of the credit ratings of rating agencies and is not produced to permit investors to compare the likelihood of default or of full and timely payment between one or more securities.

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