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October 13, 2010 16:27 ET

Stadium Auto Local Car Dealer Grows by 22% Monthly Through Giving Philosophy

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 13, 2010) -  Stadium Auto in Arlington, TX is not experiencing any of the cutbacks, financial turbulence nor fears most car dealers are experiencing in today's financial credit strain. Surprisingly they reported a staggering growth rate of almost 22% per month for the last quarter. That's cause for envy as many dealers are still shutting down their enterprises.

The reason for their success according to Dan Laube, Acting General Manager of Stadium Auto, rests in the giving philosophy of the 20 year old business's owner, Hassan Rhamatti. Mr. Rhamatti has built a growing business based on giving. Certainly not the traditional reputation of a used car dealer, however the staff and customers of Stadium Auto immediately point to the kindness of the owner in care and concern for them and their families when asked why they like the local car dealer.

In an interview with SMA News Room host, Mike Patten, it was uncovered that in a recent car trade with a customer who was downsizing due to ill health and serious financial troubles, Mr. Rhamatti had made a sufficient profit from the cars which the customer had traded in and then, to the customer's surprise, and some new employees, Mr. Rhamatti wrote out a sizeable check to the customer, called him on the telephone and informed the customer that a sizeable gain had been made on the customer's former vehicles and that he wanted to share the gains with the customer. When the customer refused stating that the deal was made and he was happy, Mr. Rhamatti sternly pleaded with the customer, "Don't make me drive out to your small town bank and deposit it for you!"

As people often change their vehicles when seeking to improve their economic conditions through downsizing, they often are brutalized by the survival mentality of many businesses without exception to automobile dealers, notorious even in high times.

"A great experience and reinforcement of hope through fair dealings and intelligent consultation driven by two-way honesty is helping people get through the hard times," stated Dan Laube. Stadium Auto Customers are finding caring people with a genuine interest that is proven by their actions and lifting the spirits of their customers and employees through belief in the giving philosophy.

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