October 23, 2014 10:00 ET

Staffing Evolves With New Recruiting Software, Fyre, to Help Recruiters Find Candidates Faster

New Software Startup Streamlines Candidate Tracking to Capture 95 Percent More Leads

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Oct 23, 2014) - Fyre, a new cloud-based recruiting software available now, brings recruiters the opportunity to harness big data in the recruitment process and capitalize on leads like never before. Fyre works with existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and other sites used to source faster, make warmer calls and place more jobs. 

With Fyre, there's no need to change the workflow or learn a new system. As you view candidates, Fyre slides into view, displaying useful details, notes and different contact methods, including social media profiles. Streamline communication with your staff by effortlessly seeing which candidates are already being worked with. There is no need for cross-referencing between systems because everything is kept up-to-date automatically. Fyre saves every resume for later access and creates a database for your team, enabling you to save money and work smarter.

"With the staffing growing into a more than $422 billion industry worldwide, it's vital that the technology we use evolves to keep up," said Tim Arnold, CEO of Fyre. "Everyone knows time is money, yet opportunities are being lost with 80 percent of calls not seeing follow up and only 5 percent of candidates make it into a company's database. Not to mention awkward situations of when candidates are called that were already placed or have spoken to someone else at your agency. That's a major waste of time and Fyre can eliminate that."

The average recruiter views more than 100 candidates a day. With Fyre, they can save as much as 90 seconds per candidate, giving them around 2.5 more hours a day to fill more jobs. On top of saving time, Fyre gives the recruiter instant access to more information, meaning cold calls are set up for success. 

Fyre is available in a limited beta for select customers at

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