SOURCE: Southwestern Medical

April 12, 2005 16:05 ET

Stage 2 Labguard™ Prototypes Completed; Clinical Testing to Commence Immediately

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2005 -- Southwestern Medical Solutions, Inc. (OTC: SWNM) is pleased to announce that building of the prototypes for its Stage 2 proprietary Labguard™ health screening system have been completed ahead of schedule. Clinical testing through the company's network of assigned independent medical testing laboratories is to commence immediately.

Prototype Testing

The results of preliminary in-house testing have exceeded management's expectations. Several healthcare personnel have brought to the company's attention additional capabilities/conveniences of the Labguard system that are expected to greatly enhance the company's marketing efforts.

Six independent Florida based clinical testing laboratories are involved in the clinical evaluation of the Labguard product through testing with a wide array of healthcare personnel. Predicated on the results of this testing, the Labguard™ system will be manufactured under OEM license to major U.S. medical companies.

Southwestern Medical is optimistic that the Labguard™ device will be brought to market ahead of schedule through a system of distributors. The Labguard™ system, currently unavailable, and having no match in the Healthcare Industry, will provide a safe, economic and comprehensive health screening analysis to companies & clinicians, and also will be packaged and marketed for home use.

Southwestern is pleased with the results of the preliminary testing of the system and looks forward to completing the clinical testing phase and introducing the Labguard™ system without undue delay. Southwestern Medical is also in the process of filing patents for its production molding engineering processes, as well as its home health division product line, and has recently begun the process of designs for 2 new surgical disposable products related to the areas of cardiovascular health and feeding tubes.

Southwestern Medical Has The Solution

The Company's proprietary Labguard™ on-site collection & diagnostic testing technology represents a revolutionary approach that ensures greater safety and convenience for diagnostic testing administrators at an attractive, market-competitive price. Currently in the clinical testing/prototype stage, Labguard™ has attracted expressions of strong interest from several major medical-device distribution companies, both in the U.S. and abroad. Numerous applications of the Labguard™ to address specific market needs, such as non-invasive HIV testing, are currently in the design, prototype and/or testing stages. Southwestern Medical is also involved in prototype design and testing of the promising Protect-A-Pal™ needle safety device, to which it now owns the world marketing rights. Source: Southwestern Medical Solutions, Inc.

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