August 03, 2011 08:00 ET Lists Top 10 Back to College Tips

YORK, PA--(Marketwire - Aug 3, 2011) - Every teen worries about starting college. "Will I make friends?" "How will I know where I'm going?" "Is it lame to get home sick?" You get the picture. compiled a quick guide to help incoming freshmen get ready for college.

1. Meet your roomie

  • Call, Facebook, or meet up to avoid the awkward first introductions. This way you'll know if you're going to be "BFF's" or want to avoid each completely.

2. Pack plenty of clothes

  • Business casual is a necessity for class speeches, interviews, etc.
  • Avoid clothes/accessories that can be more pain than beauty.

3. Take rolls of quarters

  • Mom's not there to do your laundry anymore, and it's a long time until Thanksgiving break.

4. Bring a coffee pot/mug

  • Some will drink it for taste, procrastinators will use it to fuel an all-nighter.

5. Invest in organizational storage

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond has a cool over-the-bed storage piece.
  • Don't forget under-the-bed storage for clothes, shoes, or food.

6. Go to class

  • Screwing up the first semester can set you up for G.P.A. disaster, get your butt out of bed.

7. Get involved

  • Greek Life, on-campus employment, clubs, etc. Without friends, you're just that weird kid on campus that no one knows.

8. Eat healthy

  • You are what you eat. You'll need energy so avoid fast food, high sugar snacks and other wasteful food items.
  • Know where your dining halls are located, hours of operation, and payment options

9. Reduce stress

  • Exercise your body and don't gain the freshmen 15... Americans are fat enough as is it.
  • Exercise time management -- don't cram

10. Recreation

  • Large groups attract attention, but never go out alone.
  • If you're not 21, you simply shouldn't drink. But the reality is that many underclassmen will. Having the "parentals" see your name in the newspaper for an underage drinking citation will not be an enjoyable experience. Be smart and be aware of your surroundings. is a free blog for college students featuring writing contests, college resources and My Life Rewards®, a free discount program providing printable coupons and coupon codes for students and every stage of life.

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