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October 12, 2011 11:33 ET Reports Results on Teen Communication Trends

YORK, PA--(Marketwire - Oct 12, 2011) - High school teachers know teens "text" and use Facebook, but do they know more and more students are blogging, or nearly half no longer pass paper notes, or Skype is more popular than Twitter?

To help teachers understand the latest in teen communication trends (as part of its national writing contest for high school students), asked teenagers to answer the survey question, "Which writing activities do you engage in?" before submitting an essay about a favorite teacher.

5,000+ students from all 50 states visited during the writing contest, with 600 teens participating in the survey and hundreds submitting a qualifying Teacher Appreciation essay.

Survey results revealed teens use the following forms of communication:

  • 90.15% email
  • 86.36% text
  • 83.57% Facebook
  • 57.80% write in an "old school" journal
  • 52.84% write notes on paper
  • 49.05% Skype
  • 42.55% IM
  • 32.33% blog
  • 28.35% Tweet

As for the essays, unlike much of the recent, negative national media attention about education ranging from reports on failing schools or inadequate teachers,'s essay contest revealed something to the contrary: teachers make a positive impact on students' lives.

This feedback comes from high school students across the U.S. who submitted a Teacher Appreciation essay, which combined confirmed five teacher-student relationship trends:

1. Inspiration: Today's teachers inspire teens to work harder in school, be a better person, or follow their dreams.

2. Friendship: Teachers lend an ear when students are in need of help.

3. Guidance: Teachers help teens find their strengths or natural talents, fit in with friends, and give advice on college.

4. Motivation: Thanks to teachers, many teens try harder in school -- or stay in school -- and go on to college. Beforehand, these teens felt that school didn't matter.

5. Life Lessons: Teachers instill "life lessons" ranging from "relax," to "respect others," to the basic concepts of professionalism.

Full survey results and Teacher Appreciation essay finalists can be found at is a blogging community for teens to Baby Boomers. It features national writing contests, free lesson plans, free classroom posters for high school teachers, and other education resources to help get students writing outside of the classroom.

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