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February 21, 2008 11:52 ET

Stanford University to Host World Premiere of "imagine it!" Documentary

Collaborative Film Made With Hundreds of College Students Worldwide During a Global Creativity Competition

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - In February 2007 Stanford Technology Ventures Program invited college students from around the world to participate in a global creativity challenge.

The challenge? Create value using one pack of Post it® Notes... in just six days!

Stanford created the challenge. Infinite Loop Media filmed the process. And the result is "imagine it!", a documentary film about students making a difference.

"The challenge is about generating value using limited resources. We designed the challenge to capture that spirit," said Tina Seelig, Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

Student teams from Thailand, Australia, India, Ecuador and the USA surprised everyone with what they did. They raised and donated money, composed music, helped the handicapped, made political statements and educated children.

The producers tell story by collecting digital media created by the students themselves which were uploaded to the internet and woven together as an integral part of the film.

"Ten years from now we'll look back at this film as an illustration of the power of using collaborative communities to make compelling media," said Richard Tavener, Executive Producer.

Additional perspectives in the film include interviews with competition officials, university professors, authors and entrepreneurs.

"This film reveals creative potential from cross-culture collaboration where the playing field is level and everyone has the opportunity to use new technology," explained Director Rudy Poe.

The 50-minute documentary premieres on February 22, 2008 at Stanford University. "imagine it!" is available online at

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