SOURCE: Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

February 18, 2015 03:46 ET

Stanley Tomchin and Andson Foundation Empower Children Through Education

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Feb 18, 2015) - Students at Hollingsworth Elementary School in Las Vegas can now start their own bank accounts courtesy of a project called "Piggy Bank", which was launched in January 2015. The initiative is the result of a cooperation between the school, Silver State Schools Credit Union, and Andson Foundation, created with the idea to give children as young as six-years an opportunity to not only save money, but learn how to handle money responsibly. Philanthropist Stanley Tomchin has been supporting the Andson Foundation with considerable donations for years and has expressed his excitement about the project: "The Piggy Bank is a fully functioning bank on campus where kids can make deposits on a scheduled day, once a week. It allows them to recognize the difference between wants and needs, and teaches them to be in control of their own finances. Most students at Hollingsworth come from low-income families, which makes it especially important that they develop these skills early on."

Resident of Las Vegas, NV, Stanley Tomchin is known as a generous and very active donor who has changed the lives of countless kids and families in the community. Tomchin was drawn to the Andson Foundation after learning of the impressive approach the organization takes to help the youngest members of society grow into responsible and independent adults: "Andson Foundation is not a charity that hands out money or goods to help people. They give them something much more valuable -- education, knowledge, and skills that allow children to take their lives into their own hands and create a brighter future for themselves, even if they come from underprivileged families and backgrounds. These are gifts that nobody can take away from them."

Andson Foundation was launched in 2010 by Sonia Anderson, whose declared goal is to empower children and teenagers through education, focusing on two main areas: financial literacy courses and after-school tutoring. Andson teaches thousands of pupils every year, starting in Kindergarten and up to 12th grade. A personal finance and debt manager herself, Anderson realized how important it is to know the ins and outs about credit, debit, and budgeting and set out to teach these skills to a younger generation. Her motivation is backed by a study conducted by Cambridge University, which found that the way adults handle money is decided by the age of seven, when most children already understand the value of money. As a private, non-profit organization, Andson relies heavily on the support from the community and was thrilled to receive the generous contribution from Mr. Tomchin.

Known as a passionate philanthropist who supports local community projects as well as international charities and environmental causes, Stanley Tomchin has had a special connection to Las Vegas for decades. In his younger years, Tomchin was known as the world's most successful professional gamesplayer, a career that brought him to countries around the world and, of course, lead him to spend quite a bit of time in the casino capital of the world: Las Vegas. To this day, Tomchin is actively involved in the local charity scene and has set up the Changing Lives Community Fund, which focuses on improving the lives of underprivileged children and their families in order to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment.

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