SOURCE: Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

February 25, 2015 04:46 ET

Stanley Tomchin Is Delighted to Support the TAG Foundation

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2015) - Looking back at 2014, American baseball fans mourn the tragic passing of all-star legend Tony Gwynn, while honoring and celebrating a life-changing legacy he left behind: the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation. Together with his wife, Alicia, Tony Gwynn set up the TAG Foundation in 1995 with the goal of creating and fostering programs that increase opportunities for teenagers and young adults to become healthy, well educated, and productive citizens. As a private, non-profit foundation, TAG relies on donations from generous individuals, some of them prominent international figures themselves, such as Stanley Tomchin, a former bridge and backgammon superstar and renowned philanthropist.

After leaving his highly successful gaming career, in the course of which he had achieved high rankings in numerous chess tournaments, backgammon championships, and the Bridge Olympiad, Stanley Tomchin turned his back to the gaming world to strive for more lofty goals in life. Since then he has invested most of his time and energy to a great variety of charitable causes, many of which revolve around projects that support young people and their families. Tomchin has long admired Gwynn for his athletic excellence as well as his determined approach in helping others and did not hesitate to make a generous contribution to the TAG Foundation after learning that Alicia Gwynn vowed to continue her husband's work.

Tomchin knows firsthand about the success that can be achieved by combining sports, education and mentoring to help troubled children and teenagers. In Las Vegas, where Tomchin is actively involved in a number of community services and charities, he has long been part of the Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation, which is based on a simple but effective idea: get kids off the streets and onto the tennis courts, motivate them, tutor them, and send them off to college. The results are astounding: Last year alone, 50 kids went to professional tournaments where they got to meet their heroes, more than 60 children received entry fee scholarships and 17 students went on to play college tennis on scholarships.

"I believe using sports to inspire kids and teach them discipline is a great approach that has proven very beneficial," Tomchin explains. "Both, the TGA Foundation and the Marty Hennessy Foundation have recognized that and are building their programs on the basis of this knowledge. I am happy to be part of their efforts and proud to see the achievements that the kids are making as a result." In 2005, Stanley Tomchin set up the Tomchin Family Foundation, through which he supports a considerable amount of charities, projects and non-profit organizations that he carefully selects. Causes that have benefited from his generosity are, amongst many others, the Three Square Food Bank, "I Have A Dream" Foundation, the IDEAL School in New York City, Big Brothers and Sisters of America, the Community Action Fund for Women in Africa, and Greenpeace.

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