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March 20, 2013 09:00 ET

StarsVu, a One-of-a-Kind Online Video Production Suite, Launches Licensed Version of Its Patented Cloud Video Application

StarsVu Recently Launched an Updated Website and Licensed Version of Its Patented Cloud Video Application, Improving Access and the Availability of Professional Grade Tools for Video Production; New Available Videos Give a Glimpse to How StarsVu Tools and Functionalities Can Be Used as Well as Specific Features

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - Professional video productions are now within reach by anyone with the introduction of an online tool that lets any filmmaker produce quality videos quickly and cost effectively. StarsVu is a first-of-its-kind hub for online film and video production that serves as a virtual studio where producers, writers, directors, and performers can collaborate seamlessly to make compelling videos.

"StarsVu makes it easy and affordable for creative people to work together to produce professional quality videos without the need for expensive hardware, complex software, and access to a studio," says StarsVu founder and CEO, Maha Achour.

The process of creating quality videos is simplified by allowing collaborators to use StarsVu's patented technology that integrates script writing, video editing, and collaborations. All video files are organized and reside in the cloud, as a result of Video Script, which also allows for easy retrieval.

A video providing a quick overview of StarsVu may be viewed here:

StarsVu uses a simple four-step process for creating quality productions:

1. Creating a video project. This is done by going to the StarsVu website and indicating the title, detailed description and aspect ratio of a proposed production. Potential collaborators will then be able to respond with an expression of interest to the production owner.

2. Writing the script. The production owner uploads a script, a scene, and a shot. A character could be an actor, a presenter, a voice over, or any other talent.

3. Building the team. The production owner uses the "Invite to Production" tool to pick his collaborators -- actors, writers, editors -- and build the production team, just as one would on a traditional video production project.

4. Work on the production. Users may access the "My Production" page to accomplish and refine different requirements of the production, from screenwriting to editing to musical score.

StarsVu makes use of unique features, such as a searchable user database, and other powerful online tools, such as Chroma key, a layering tool, to enhance production quality and allow multiple characters to be displayed in a shot -- even when the corresponding video files are uploaded by different contributors at different times and from different locations. A video showcasing StarsVu's Chroma key layering capabilities may be seen here:

Achour says StarsVu is ideal for social, corporate, educational and media communities, and is flexible enough to easily accommodate the needs of most businesses. She says StarsVu also provides a means for audiences to access videos on demand. "With StarsVu, the only limits are peoples' creativity and imagination," adds Achour.

The StarsVu technology is available to individuals as well as organizations where the technology might be licensed and integrated for enterprise-wide use. Users of StarsVu's technology include individuals and organizations from the following industry: education, film production, marketing and social media, just to name a few.

For those interested in the powerful tools that StarsVu has to offer, they can find out more by visiting and registering for a free account at

About StarsVu 
StarsVu's mission is to simplify the process of creating quality videos by allowing individual collaborators to produce videos quickly and cost effectively by using the patented StarsVu cloud technology which integrates the three fundamental tools in video creation: script writing, video editing, and collaboration.

With the StarsVu patented technology, expensive hardware, complex software, and other costly elements in video production are virtually eliminated. At StarsVu, we believe that the video creation process should be simple and attainable in social, corporate, educational, and media communities to tell their story and communicate their ideas through video.

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