June 17, 2008 02:00 ET

Start of Trading on PLUS Markets


The  Directors  of  DHAIS plc ("the Company" or "DHAIS") are pleased to announce that the Company's  shares
have commenced trading on PLUS Markets ("PLUS") today.

The Company is classified under Section 54 of the FTSE Global Classification System, Media.

The Company has admitted its entire Share Capital 50,000,000 shares of £0.001.

The  Company has obtained admission to the PLUS Market in order that (i) existing shareholders are able  to
realise  value  in  their  investment in the Company to date; (ii) to raise  its  profile  among  both  new
investors  and existing and potential customers; (iii) to provide access to alternative sources of  funding
for acquisitions which the Board may consider in the future as part of that growth.

DHAIS  is a public limited company which was incorporated in England and Wales in 2001 as a private limited
company  and has traded continuously since incorporation. The Company converted to a public company  on  22
May 2008.

DHAIS  trades as a freelance marketing company, specialising in generating sales leads for digital  hearing
aid retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the United Kingdom and operates from offices in London and
Cardiff.   DHAIS  places  carefully  targeted advertisements in  national  newspapers  and  selected  other
publications in order to generate enquiries from individuals interested in purchasing a digital hearing aid
or wishing to find out more information about them.

These sales leads are supplied to retailers, manufacturers and distributors of digital hearing aids in  the
United  Kingdom.   DHAIS  deals  with  a wide variety of such retailers,  manufacturers  and  distributors,
including two major operators and many independent dispensers.

The  advertisements are predominantly placed through an advertising agency, Copeland & Charrington Limited,
which  is  owned and operated by two of the Company's Directors Paul Clover and Neil Copeland.   DHAIS  has
entered  into  an arm's length commercial agreement with Copeland & Charrington Limited which  governs  the
commissions  payable  to  Copeland & Charrington Limited and other related  matters.   A  summary  of  this
agreement is set out in the admission document.

In  addition,  DHAIS occupies part of Copeland & Charrington Limited's offices in London  as  licensee  and
utilises  the services on an ad hoc basis of certain administrative and accounting personnel of Copeland  &
Charrington  Limited.  Neil Copeland and Paul Clover spend, on average, approximately 50% of their  working
time  on  DHAIS  business.  All of these personnel and other services are provided for  a  fixed  aggregate
monthly fee of £5,100.  Consequently, DHAIS currently has no employees other than its Directors.

Advertising charges represent the vast majority of DHAIS' normal trading expenditure.  The majority of  the
balance of DHAIS' normal trading expenditure is made up of the commission payments and service charges paid
to Copeland & Charrington Limited pursuant to the above arrangements.

The  founders of DHAIS were Paul Clover and Neil Copeland.  Mark Moss holds 34% of the issued share capital
of DHAIS, with Paul Clover and Neil Copeland each holding 22%.  The remaining 22% is held by Amin Kiddy, an
investor  based in South Wales.  Mark Moss has historically acted as a consultant to DHAIS but became  Non-
Executive Chairman on 13 May 2008.

Andrew  Williams is known to both Mark Moss and Amin Kiddy and he is an experienced former finance director
of a PLUS company.  He agreed to take on the role of being an Executive Finance Director of the Company and
was appointed a Director on 13 May 2008.

It  is expected that in the next few months Andrew Williams will take on the role of Non-Executive director
and a new finance director will be appointed.

Between them, Mark Moss, Paul Clover and Neil Copeland have over 100 years of experience in advertising and
hearing aid provision.

In  the year ended 30 June 2007, DHAIS generated revenue of approximately £2,150,000 (2006: £2,110,000) and
profits  before tax and exceptional items of approximately £610,000 (2006: £240,000).  The audited accounts
of DHAIS for the six months to 31 December 2007 and for each of the last three financial years of DHAIS are
set out in the admission document.

Further details about each of these individuals and their experience and expertise is set out below.

Mark Moss (age 59) Non-Executive Chairman

Mark  Moss joined Scrivens Ltd in 1967 where he obtained a licence as a dispenser of hearing aids.  In 1974
he established Moss Hearing Centres and, following its sale to Siemens Hearing Instruments Ltd in 1985, was
appointed  UK marketing director.  In 1986 he left with two of his colleagues to establish Clearer  Hearing

In  1987  the assets of Hidden Hearing were acquired by Clearer Hearing Limited from Danavox GB and Clearer
Hearing  Limited  then  changed its name to Hidden Hearing Limited.  Mark Moss was the  marketing  director
based  in  Cardiff.  He has served as an executive member of the British Hearing Aid Industries Association
and also the Council of The Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

The  company, Hidden Hearing Ltd, was floated on the London Stock Market in 1998 and was subsequently  sold
to  William Demant Holdings in 2000, one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers based in Denmark.
Since  2003  Mark  has been a consultant to DHAIS; he has property and other business  interests  in  South

Neil Copeland (age 45) Media Director

Neil  Copeland  is  the media director in charge of placing the advertisements for DHAIS  in  the  national

He  is  also  a  director and shareholder in Copeland and Charrington Ltd, the advertising company  through
which  advertisements for DHAIS are placed.  Neil has been involved with the provision of  advertising  for
hearing aid companies for nearly 30 years, starting his career by joining Copeland and Charrington  Ltd  at
the  age  of  16  as  a  production assistant.  Neil was a founding member of DHAIS with  Paul  Clover  and
maintains close contact with key personnel of publishers of national newspapers and magazines.

Paul Clover (age 52) Managing Director

Paul Clover was one of the founding members of Copeland & Charrington Ltd in 1978 and took over the role of
Managing Director in 1990.

Copeland  &  Charrington  Ltd  is a specialist Direct Response Advertising Agency  whose  client  list  has
included a number of Publicly Quoted Companies.  It had previously worked very closely with Hidden  Hearing
Limited.  As  well as a Diploma in Direct Marketing, Paul has over 35 years experience in  creating  direct
marketing campaigns that produce effective results. After helping to run a number of successful mail  order
operations, in 2001 he became a founding member of DHAIS taking on the role of Managing Director

Andrew Williams (age 43) Finance Director

A graduate in electronic engineering from Liverpool University and a member of the Institute of Engineering
and  Technology, Andrew qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the firm Deloitte Haskins and  Sells  (now
PricewaterhouseCoopers) in 1987.

His  early  business  career was spent with Valstar Systems, as company accountant,  and  Schlumberger,  an
engineering conglomerate, as treasury accountant. In 1995 he became managing director of Kroton Engineering
in  South Wales and, four years later, finance director and company secretary of Spectrum Technologies  plc
("Spectrum"), a company quoted on Plus Market. Between 2003 and 2006 he was seconded as general manager  to
Spectrum's  US  operation  while remaining group finance director. Andrew has  now  left  Spectrum  and  is
pursuing a career serving a range of SME clients as a freelance consultant and adviser.


 Director               Current directorships:                          Previous directorships:
 Mark Moss              DHAIS plc                                       Tattoo Supplies Limited
                        The Hearing Centre Limited                      Simply Control Limited
                        Neville Court Accomodation Limited              Sarose Scientific Instruments Ltd
                        Cranley Investments Limited                     All Books Express Limited
                        PMW Enterprises Limited                         Hotvac Hull Cure Limited
                        Wordsworth Properties Limited                   Waggers Limited
                        Proud to be Welsh Limited                       
                        Porthcawl Water Company Limited                 
                        PMW Design Limited                              
 Neil Copeland          DHAIS  plc                                      
                        Copeland & Charrington Limited                  
 Paul Clover            DHAIS plc                                         Eavesdropper Limited
                        Leaseactive Limited                               
                        Nationwide Hearing Services Limited               
                        Copeland & Charrington Limited                    
 Andrew Williams        DHAIS plc                                         Spectrum Technologies plc
                        Haraled Consultancy Limited                       
                        Wales North America Business Council              
                        Functional Micro Structures Limited               


Shareholder                                         Number of        %age
Mark Moss                                           17,000000          34
Neil Copeland                                       11,000000          22
Paul Clover                                         11,000000          22
Other Shareholders                                                            
Amin Kiddy                                          11,000000          22
TOTAL                                               50,000,000        100


The  attention of potential investors is drawn to the fact that ownership of shares in the Company involves
a  variety  of  risks.   Investors should be aware of the risks associated with  a  smaller  company.   All
potential investors should carefully consider the entire contents of the Admission Document including,  but
not  limited  to, the factors described below before deciding whether or not to invest in the Company.  The
information  below does not purport to be an exhaustive list or summary of the risks affecting the  Company
and  are  not  set  out in any particular order of priority. There may be additional  risks  of  which  the
Directors are not aware.  Investors should consider carefully consider these risks before making a decision
to invest in the Company.

The  Directors consider the following risks to be most significant for potential investors, but  the  risks
set  out below do not necessarily comprise all those associated with an investment in the Company following

(a)     The success of the Company depends largely upon the expertise and experience of the directors of
        DHAIS, details of which are set out above. None of the Directors is restricted, other than by their normal
        duties as company directors, from acting in the direction, management or conduct of the affairs of any
        other company or partnership. Each of the Directors have other interests and their continued ability to
        provide their services to the Company is dependent on their ability to combine those interests with their
        activity as directors of the Company. In the event of any potential conflicts of interest being identified,
        they will be declared and dealt with appropriately;
(b)     Although admission of the Issued Shares to trading on the PLUS Market has been made no certainty
        can be provided at this stage that the Issued Shares will be admitted to trading on any other investment
        exchange at any time in the future. The market value of Ordinary Shares following Admission to trading on
        any market may not necessarily reflect the underlying net asset value of the Company.

(c)     Although the Ordinary Shares are listed on the PLUS-quoted market, this should not be taken as
        implying that there will be a "liquid" market in the Ordinary Shares.  An investment in the Ordinary Shares
        may thus be difficult to realise.  The value of the Ordinary Shares may go down as well as up.  Investors
        may therefore realise less than their original investment, or sustain a total loss of their investment;

(d)    Continued trading of the shares on the PLUS-quoted market is entirely at the discretion of PLUS Markets plc;

(e)    The PLUS-quoted market is not AIM or the Official List operated by The London Stock Exchange
       plc.  Consequently, it may be more difficult for an investor to sell his or her Ordinary Shares and he or
       she may receive less than the amount paid.  The market price of the Ordinary Shares may not reflect the
       underlying value of the Company's net assets or operations;

(f)    The  share  prices of public companies are often subject to significant fluctuations.   In
       particular, the market for shares in smaller public companies is less liquid than for larger public
       companies.  Consequently, the Company's share price may be subject to greater fluctuation and the Ordinary
       Shares may be difficult to sell;

(g)    The Ordinary Shares are intended for capital growth and therefore may not be suitable as a short-
       term investment.  Investors may therefore not realise their original investment at all, or within the time-
       frame they had originally anticipated;

(h)    Any changes to the regulatory environment, in particular the PLUS-quoted market rules set out
       by PLUS Markets plc regarding companies such as DHAIS could for example, affect the ability of the Company
       to maintain a trading facility on the PLUS-quoted market;

(i)    The  Company  may  need  to raise further funds in the future, either to  complete  a  proposed
       acquisition or investment or to raise additional working capital for such an acquisition or investment. Any
       equity offerings to new investors could result in dilution for existing shareholders. Furthermore, there
       can  be no guarantee or assurance that additional funds can be raised when necessary.  In these
       circumstances the Company would need to secure additional funding from other sources and/or scale back its
       future plans.
(j)    The Company may be adversely affected by changes in economic, political, judicial, administrative,
       taxation or other regulatory or other unforeseen matters
(k)    DHAIS' principal costs are linked to the advertising it places rather than the sales it makes,
       such that an inability to generate or sell sufficient leads in the future will adversely affect its
       profitability; and
(l)    DHAIS' customers may decide in the future to generate sales leads exclusively themselves or
       through a competitor of DHAIS, which will adversely affect DHAIS' revenue and profitability.

Copies  of  the  Admission Document will be available free of charge during usual  business  hours  on  any
weekday  (Saturdays and public holidays excepted) at the offices of Alfred Henry Corporate Finance  Limited
at Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London, EC1V 9EE.


Alfred  Henry  Corporate Finance Limited is acting as the Corporate Advisor for the  Company,  and  can  be
contacted at:

5-7 Cranwood Street
Email: sjs@alfredhenry.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7251 3762

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.

17 June 2008

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