September 16, 2014 10:45 ET

State of California Re-Ups With BidSync

State Will Continue to Use BidSync for Its Sourcing and Vendor Management

AMERICAN FORK, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2014) - The State of California has chosen to stick with BidSync ( for its automated e-procurement needs. The state has signed a one year agreement with BidSync and will continue to use the company's cloud-based, automated e-procurement solutions. Vendors who use BidSync to find public sector opportunities with the State of California will continue to enjoy the innovative and powerful functionality of BidSync Links and Links PLUS.

"We are very pleased that the State of California has signed another agreement with us," said Fred Tillman, interim CEO of BidSync. "The tens of thousands of vendors who use BidSync Links and Links PLUS will be able to continue to enjoy the advantages of our cloud-based tools."

BidSync recently released BidSync Request and BidSync Purchase, which makes it the only e-procurement solution on the marketplace that offers true end-to-end capabilities for public sector agencies. BidSync's innovative e-procurement solutions have been trusted by more than 1,000 public sector agencies. Additionally, BidSync's vendor database provides access to more than 800,000 qualified vendors nationwide.

The State of California will continue to use BidSync for its sourcing needs, while vendors who either want to do business with the state or are currently do business with the state will be able to do so via the company's cloud-based bid notification tools. BidSync's suite of e-procurement tools and its bid notification tools allow public sector agencies to create and post solicitations in the cloud, as well as search for qualified vendors from BidSync's database. Vendors can find opportunities, submit bids and upload supporting documents, licensing and certifications through BidSync, saving time and money.

BidSync's solutions automate the procurement process and provide tools that allow for greater collaboration and management at every phase. The end-to-end solution suite allows agencies to integrate every process from the purchase request to final settlement. Vendors can receive targeted bid notifications and manage the bid submission process through BidSync Links and Links PLUS.

About BidSync

BidSync ( offers comprehensive, cloud-based, end-to-end e-procurement solutions that help public sector agencies streamline their procurement process, maintain compliance, reduce costs, enable transparency and save time. The solutions deliver cross-functionality through the entire procurement process from request to settle. BidSync also delivers bid notification services to more than 800,000 vendors nationwide. BidSync has more than 15 years of experience and its award-winning solutions have been relied on by more than 1,000 public sector agencies nationwide.