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February 01, 2007 06:30 ET

State of the Union: Bush Pushes IT to Reduce Healthcare Costs

ATASCADERO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 1, 2007 -- Anywhere MD, INC. (PINKSHEETS: ANWM)

President Bush during his State of the Union address last Tuesday night called for greater use of electronic medical records and other healthcare information technology as part of a larger healthcare plan and told Congress that healthcare information technology should be advanced to reduce costly medical errors and he urged the use of healthcare IT to promote healthcare price transparency.

For the fourth consecutive year, President Bush used the State of the Union address to express his support for electronic health records to bring down medical costs and improve care.

"There are many other ways that Congress can help. We need to expand Health Savings Accounts, help small businesses through Association Health Plans, reduce costs and medical errors with better information technology, encourage price transparency and protect good doctors from junk lawsuits by passing medical liability reform. And in all we do, we must remember that the best health care decisions are made not by government and insurance companies, but by patients and their doctors," Bush said.

HIT is receiving bipartisan support, with numerous policymakers embracing it as a primary opportunity for improving the cost and quality of the nation's healthcare delivery.

In 2004, Bush called for most Americans to have an electronic record of their healthcare within a decade. "We will make wider use of electronic records and other health information technology to help control costs and reduce dangerous medical errors," Bush said.

About Anywhere MD, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ANWM)

Anywhere MD, Inc. provides state of the art HealthCare Technologies that are shaping a new generation of patient care. Anywhere MD's expertise in clinical documentation for physicians offer a broad range of technology products to improve productivity for healthcare providers and enable them to diagnose, treat and manage patient information at the highest level.

Anywhere MD, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports proprietary software applications for mobile handheld devices. These mobile applications provide the physician with the most recent and accurate healthcare information at the "Point Of Care." This technology eliminates a confusing and tedious 'paper trail' that can lead to inaccurate and inadequate patient charting, resulting in mal-practice suites and poor patient care.

Anywhere MD, Inc. renewed its Central Contractor Registration (CCR) with the Department of Defense for continued expansion of healthcare services throughout the military. Anywhere MD, Inc. is now positioned to continue its expansion of Handheld and other Mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software applications into the Military. It is very difficult for Military Medical Personnel to give the best quality of care in the field without the latest medical history of the patient. Using the proprietary technologies of Anywhere MD, Inc. "In the Field," will ensure that the Medical Personnel have the latest and most up-to-date information at the point of care, wherever that may be. Anywhere MD, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the latest mobile healthcare technologies from the private sector into the military for the benefit of our service men and women. The technology and software of ANYWHERE MD, Inc. has been extremely successful over the past 6 years in the Chiropractic Industry. Combining the forefront of technology and large marketing campaigns has ensured this success. Computer hardware and peripherals are rapidly evolving and so must the software that runs on them. There are development tools available now that never existed 2 years ago. These new development tools will allow increased capabilities for the current application, which is owned, sold, distributed and supported exclusively by ANYWHERE MD, INC. A re-write of the current application will allow ANYWHERE MD, INC. to shock the current market with new technologies and enhanced features. Projections demonstrate, at total saturation, this is a $202,083,635 Market. The yearly support revenue at total saturation of the Market is $81,782,260

These are the market projections the company is working towards. These projections are based on the potential that each Market has to offer in its entirety. These projections demonstrate the potential of ANYWHERE MD, INC. if it has the appropriate funds and the necessary, experienced management in place

Why will Anywhere MD, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ANWM) be successful?

Currently our handheld application is the only documentation program in the Chiropractic industry compatible with the Palm OS. There is an ongoing battle between competing Companies over which handheld is better. Not one of our competitors has developed a handheld application that is compatible with both the Palm OS and the Microsoft CE OS. The consumer market is divided approximately 50/50 on the handheld issue. ANYWHERE MD, INC. will be the first Company in the EMR industry to have an application that works on both platforms. This will increase the market 100% for ANYWHERE MD, INC.

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