April 16, 2012 09:00 ET

State of Utah Selects AiM™ Capital Project Management from AssetWorks

State's Division of Facilities and Construction Management (DFCM) to manage over 600 major construction initiatives annually with AssetWorks' capital planning and project management solution

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(Marketwire - April 16, 2012) - AssetWorks, a leader in Intelligent Workplace ManagementSM, today announced that the State of Utah's Division of Facilities and Construction Management (DFCM) has selected AiM™ Capital Project Management to manage all construction and capital planning initiatives statewide, including the current workload of 450 projects accounting for $1.4 billion in public expenditures. This award augments the state's existing deployment of AiM for maintenance, space, and property and lease management.

"AiM Capital Project Management will allow us to break down organizational silos by providing a single solution and a single authoritative database for all DFCM employees," said Gregg Buxton, DFCM's Director. "It's all about shared resources. For instance, our Construction Division can pinpoint warranty information that can save our Facilities Division time and labor downstream."

"The selection of AiM Capital Project Management was also driven by the need to broaden the capabilities of our core business solution," notes Gordon Jensen, Director of Information Technology for Utah's Department of Administrative Services (DAS). "The initial implementation of AiM took us a step in the right direction, but the addition of AiM's capital planning and project management module has provided a more complete business solution from the perspective of the building owner. We've also been able to integrate capital planning with facilities maintenance and our financial systems, and we have the flexibility to tailor the solution to meet future needs."

Compliance was another focal point in the selection process. In 2010, the State of Utah mandated that DFCM begin reporting on the number of outstanding construction contracts by agency, a labor-intensive process that necessitated the development of custom reports. In addition, the state legislature frequently requires DFCM to provide 10-year histories of construction activity and services at a moment's notice. In meeting these demands, AiM Capital Project Management is already paying dividends by improving the timeliness and accuracy of reporting on the massive amounts of data DFCM tracks.

"It's a fully-integrated solution that can accommodate an unlimited number of users," said Lynn Hinrichs, DFCM's Assistant Director for Construction Management. "With AiM, we can organize and present data in a dashboard environment, which is extremely important given the volume of data we manage. Other systems we evaluated couldn't do these things economically. Most were designed to manage limited, small-scale projects, and that was wholly inadequate for our needs. We manage over 600 complex construction projects a year, and this demands a solution that combines accessibility and scalability with support for our unique business processes. Ultimately, AssetWorks' solution was a better fit for our business model."

DFCM identified several global goals it hopes to achieve with the implementation of AiM Capital Project Management. Among these goals, the state hopes to leverage AiM's dashboard to provide at-a-moment's-glance visibility into workload and capacity data, project details and contingency funding. Additionally, the state is hoping to streamline field operations by supporting contractor access to projects. DFCM currently fields 15 to 20 calls daily from contractors inquiring on the status of project payments. In the past, the state did not have this information readily available in one place. Going forward, DFCM intends to make this information available to contractors over the Internet through AiM.

"We were faced with the classic 'do more with less' scenario-we have fewer people and less funding, and we had to be more efficient," notes Hinrichs. "We believe AiM Capital Project Management will help us become more efficient and ultimately help us report positive outcomes to the Governor's office."

"This win further strengthens our long-standing relationship with the State of Utah-a relationship that has existed for well over a decade," said Ken Slaughter, Senior Vice President, AssetWorks. "We're deeply proud of our role in helping DFCM responsibly manage taxpayer dollars by promoting more efficient capital planning and construction management practices."

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